Bull's NL Launch: 2 new signature darts
Bull's NL had a suprising launch today. It was just a little one with two new signature darts and another player endorsed and some new stems and flights.

Available 23rd of April.

Dirk van Duijvenbode 90%
[Image: g35qq70.jpg]
23g: 50.50mm x 6.73mm
25g: 50.60mm x 6.84mm

Gergely Lakatos 90%
[Image: ohJSSxL.jpg]
23g: 54.40mm x 6.21mm
25g: 54.80mm x 6.44mm

Gergely Lakatos 70%
[Image: JghrHPQ.jpg]
22g: 54.70mm x 6.49mm
24g: 54.70mm x 6.61mm

Signature Flights:

Maik Kuivenhoven:

[Image: 3DGFSkY.jpg]

Gergely Lakatos:

[Image: ldGl8eg.jpg]

Dirk van Duijvenbode:

[Image: P33wzHJ.jpg]

Airstriper Shafts:

Seems to be a polycarbonate stem with a nylon top.

[Image: 5oRnkUx.jpg]
[Image: vVSMqoP.png]
Like the Lakatos
Like the 90% version of them "PadLocks" at 23 gram.  Thanks for sharing Seb. mint
Where's Chris the fish?
Quite like those shafts
Nice looking darts, but the DivingBoard's are another Barney style and the Padlock's remind me of the Showtime Fuzions. Hope the flights are available in the UK though for the collection lol.

Just did a google translate on Lakatos and that comes out as locksmith in Hungarian - so I guess that's where his nickname comes from.
DvD's are definitely a Barney replica. Always liked the design though.
Also, thanks for posting these.

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