Inverted grip mystery darts
These are the primary darts I use. I wanted something heavy and textured and this is what I ended up with. I like them, but I know nothing about them really.
The shop I bought them from in 2014 (now closed) advertised these and many other darts available there as: "Made in England, 85-90% tungsten, British steel points". These were labelled as 26g and feel like they are about that. As you can see from the photo, The ridges on the grip are quite something. They certainly stick well in my hand.
I suspect that these darts are a generic product, no brand and shipped out here to Australia in bulk BUT if anyone has any information regarding identification, that would be great.
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I dont know what they are but i love the grip

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I can't help with the actual name of the darts, but bulls barracuda darts have a similar "inverted" ring grip
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