Head to Head - Target Takoma XL vs. Harrows Blaze Pro 6
(04-07-2019, 04:47 PM)Chappers Wrote: Nice comparison, what exactly did the drop, throw and roll test involve?

1.  Waist level drop, to simulate the accidental drop.
2.  Rolled it end over end down the hall way. It’s a continuation of the above.
3.  Lightly tossed up against the wall (I have a cork board section of wall under my dart board that I use). Simulation of the enraged/anger moment.
4. Lightly toss it on to a table. Simulates that back to a table after a match moment.
[Image: un8EQyk.jpg]

Steel-Tip Darts:  Bottelsen Precision Grip Hammerheads (23 Gram)
                         L-Style Carbon Shafts (190)
                         L-Style Flights, Blue, Standard 

Soft-Tip Darts:  Bottelsen Precision Grip (20 Gram)
                        L-Style Carbon Shafts (190)
                        L-Style Flights, Black, Standard
Great review and head-to-head comparison!

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