Gran Board 3 Firmware Update Issue, v. 6.1.6
So I updated the firmware on my white Gran Board 3 yesterday morning and everything seemed to go fine. Went through steps 1-4 a couple times with issues, then finally was able to upload the firmware to the board. Watched the progress bar. It said success. Then it asked me if I had a blinking orange light or something, and unfortunately the answer was no. I had a steady green light. I then followed the steps, but at that point everything was messed up. The device wouldn't connect to bluetooth automatically, and the firmware tab no longer appeared in the app. When I went into settings and tried to click on things like "hue lights" it insisted I did not have a Gran Board 3. I contacted customer service twice, but so far they have not contacted me back.

Which brings us to today, I was able to get bluetooth to connect if I put it into "Firmware mode" by holding down the change button while plugging in. However that's the only way I can get bluetooth to connect. However if I touch the board with a dart it automatically disconnects and begins searching, or it disconnects after a time out. Oh, and the light turns green and remains green the moment I plug in. 

So! Is there a way to reset the device or force the firmware to reload? As I mentioned, the firmware tab is missing so I can't do the "click the firmware tab 10 times" solution. 

Any thoughts? I wanna get back to playing!!

Thanks in advance!
Hi Adam, welcome to the forum. I don't know much about the Gran Board but is there an option for a factory reset? Also being the weekend you probably won't hear back until tomorrow, wish I could be more help.
Hi Adam,

Came across your post yesterday as I was facing the exact same problem as yours.
Dot side light was turning green and remaining green when I was turning on the board.
No Bluetooth signal what so ever and LED Strip lights not responding.
Firmware tab was missing as well in the app because there was no Bluetooth signal coming from the board itself.
Thought my Gran board 3 was bricked forever...

So here is how I managed to solve it after hours of frustrations and got back my board to life.
Living in Asia,it was easy for me to go to some darts shop and connect my phone app by Bluetooth to a "healthy and running" GB3.
To summarize you need to connect your phone with a second board to get the Firmware Tab to show up !

I then switched off and took out the USB out of the healthy board to disconnect the Bluetooth connection!

After that I went on with the Forced Firmware and loading Update procedure on the "sick board".
Starting with the App first, as recommended in the other post.

Connected the USB plug,switched on the "sick board" while pressing the Red Change Button
Remark:LED dot light turned green and remained green as well for me the moment I plugged in the micro USB and push the RED Change player Button.
Switched On and Off the Bluetooth Toggle on my phone several times to clear the cache.
During update the LED dot Light went off but updated successfully.

Wish you best of luck and hopefully see you online soon for some games.


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