Japan 2019
Stage 10 - Hyogo : Live from the Kobe International Exhibition Hall

Rie Hoshino had an extremely tough fuoght round robin playoff. 4 games, all of which went down to the wire (Or whatever the soft tip equivelent is!)
lost the 1st 1-2 against Mina Hayashi
won the 2nd 2-1 against Taeko Sasaki
won the 3rd 2-1 against Sayuri Shinpo
lost the 4th 1-2 against Chizuko Nishimaki

this put her ranked 70 out of the 73 that advanced to the division 2 knock out stages. Top of that heap was a returning Mikuru Suzuki, who had 4 games won them each 2-0 with a cricket ranking of 4.48 marks per round anda  501 average of... 118.65.

Rie was up first againt Sayaka Yanagida with an emphatic 2-0

but then she came up agaist Yuno Tamura who reversed Rie upswing beating her 0-2. So on with the "Go Go Yuno!" T-Shirt!

Yuno lost to Yukina Chiba 1-2 On with the "Go Go Yukinia!" T-Shirt.

Yukina lost to Mai Miyano 1-2

Into the final 16 of Division 1 and On with my "Go Go Mai!" T-Shirt

Mai was up against Natsumi Iwata - and lost 0-3. On with my "Go Go Natsumi!" T-Shirt.

Natsuki was up against Haruka Hirose and lost 0-3. On with my Go Go Haruka!" T-Shirt

Semi final match had Haruka up against Taeko Sasaki (The same girl who lost to Rie Hoshino in the round robin. But Taeko has placed in the top 3 twice in the last 4 stages... so she is very much on form.)


Mikuru has had a storming run - 8 straight wins only dropped 2 games from 19 played and is up against the left handed Mayu Shimizu for the quarter finals.

Mikuru just took that game 3-2 and will play either Yukie Sakaguchi or Hiromi Tateishi who are in the remaining quarter final.

Hiromi beat the winner of the previous two stages, Yukie Sakaguchi 3-2 and faced off with Mikuru Suzuki in the semi final but fell 3-0 as Mikuru made the final .

The other semi final between Haruka Hirose and Taeko Sasaki went to Haruka 3-0 (Wow did this T Shirt actually work!?)

Mikuru vs. Haruka was the Ladies final but despite some flashes of brilliance from Haruka, Kobe was witness to Mikuru being Mikuru, with a leg saving outshot when Haruka was 1 dart away from taking the leg if she got a chance to throw. The Cricket was many white horses from Mikuru to take the final 3-0 and win Stage 10. And also regain the lead of the championship 211pts to Yukie Sakaguchi's 197pts.
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Some good games this morning Big Grin
Japan Tour Event 11 in a couple of days, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVOF2JevmXU

JapanPro Darts link, http://japanprodarts.jp/
Darkest Aichi and the Portmesse Nagoya Exhibition centre.

Rie Hoshino came out slinging arrows and her four opponents in the round robin stage fell in short order with an emphatic 2-0, 2-0, 2-0, 2-0 series of perfect games from Rie. against Yukie Ishida, Yuko Gondo, Sumiko Kamahara and Marino Matsui

But although she was the big fish in her little pool, in the whole round robin events Rie was only ranked 11th despite not dropping a leg.

Knockout stage of Division 2 and Rie was up against. Makiko Furuta from the prefecture of Osaka . And the magic was still there Rie dishing out another gooseegg for her opponent.

Is this it?. As Urinating Tree nearly said "Rie, '...is just too good at the moment.'" (That was about a Hockey Goal Tender Pekka Rinne who then had an absolute stinker of a game.)

Next up Tokyo's Chizuko Nishimaki... in the previous round Chizuko beat Rie 2-1 in their Round Robin and did it again with the pair going to a deciding leg which again Chizuko managed to edge putting Rie out. (Booo!)

Chizuko was up against Mayu Shikanai of Aomori Prefecture (That is the top bit of Honshu south of the Island of Hokkaido) and was taken to a third leg decider but this time Chizuko lost out and Mayu Shikanai went on into Divison 1 and the final 16 ladies.

On with my "How do you like those Apples?" lucky T-shirt for Mayu Shikanai

Next up she is paired against Osaka's own Hiromi Tateishi who was joint third last time out and one of Mikuru Suzuki's eleven victims in Hyogo a fortnight ago.

And Mayu Shikanai prevailed beating Hiromi Tateishi 3-1 to advance to the quarter finals and take on Natsumi Iwata.

Natsumi Iwata v Mayu Shikanai - 3-1
Mayu Shimizu v Kyoka Hattori - 3-0
Mikuru Suzuki v Sayuri Nishiguchi - 3-1
Mana Kawakami v Yukie Sakaguchi - 1-3

Natsumi Iwata v Mayu Shimizu - 3-1
Mikuru Suzuki v Yukie Sakaguchi - 3-2 (Had a slight pause during the pivotal leg due to Yukie-pro losing her dart with a weird bounce out.)

Final Stage 11
Natsumi Iwata v Mikuru Suzuki - 0-3

Solid result from Mikuru to extend her lead but the top four here are also the top four in Nagoya are also the top 4 in the overall standings.

243pts - Mikuru Suzuki
216pts - Yukie Sakaguchi
156pts - Mayu Shimizu
155pts - Natsumi Iwata
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Stage 12 on Saturday starting 5am UK time

Stage 12 - Fukuoka

Rie Hohino was into a very tough round robin group

Asami Takeuchi, a tiny little 5'2" Cosmodarts lady. She had a very strong run at the end of last year, two semi finals in the last two rounds but so far this season she has failed to make a strong showing. (Rie Hoshino has played Asami twice this season and has won 2-0 and 2-1)

Yuko Hino the 5'6" Cosmodarts giantess who is a stand out player as she tends to wear short shorts or a little skirt when she plays (A girl with long set of stems wants to show them off... seems fine to me.) - but she also towers over most of the other ladies too. She had a super run at the start of the year but her form has faded of late. (Rie has not played against Yuko this season.)

Rie Yakiyama fun sized Joker Driver throwing Shorty 5'1" - A Player who is much like Rie Hoshino, a top ranked before but just on the fringes of breaking back into the top eschelon.
(Rie has not played against Rie this season...)

Shoko Sasaki a normal-ish sized Joker Driver thrower (5'5") had a good run at the end of last year but has failed to get into the final 8 since stage 14 last year. (Rie Hoshino has played Shoko once this season in Hokkaido winning 2-1)

The games themselves were up and down. Rie crushing Yuko 2-0. but then in turn she was crushed by Rie (Yakiyama) and Shoko 0-2 and was able to beat Asami for a third time this season 2-1 (Though I don't think Rie gets to keep Asami, despite the three wins.)

But that wasn't enough. Rie had a losing record 2-2 but she had just lost more legs than she had won. Disaster! Must be depressing knowing you have to win 2-0 in your final game... and then dropping a leg, knowing even if you win the game, you are out.

As Rie Hoshino was out - I had some time to kill and if Rie was an NFL Football team her match record equates to a 10-6 season - enough to get a wild card for the play offs? - If only Rie had an easy run like those Foxborough Patriots.


Of course Mikuru Suzuki is in Romania teaming up with Mayumi Ouchi to crush all in the Ladies Pairs. And will be playing against Deta Hedman in the World Cup Final on later the same day. (Deta is over 6 feet tall and makes Yuko Hino seem small again!) - I wonder who the Cameraman will fair trying to follow these two ladies - Maybe they will get sea sick, pitching the camera up and down between throws.

...Back to Kyushu

So who do I follow now? I guess I will split my time between Rie Yakiyama and Shoko Sasaki who beat up my poor defenceless Rie, The meanies!

Shoko Sasaki 2 - 1 Akikio Tsujimoto
Shoko Sasaki 2 - 0 Saki Nakao - and into the final 16 players

- What about the other Rie, Rie Yakiyama..
Rie Yakiyama 2 - 0 Natsuki Adachi
Rie Yakiyama 2 - 0 Chizuko Nishimaki - and also into the final 16 players
(I'm not feeling so bad about my Rie getting put out in the round robin by two players who are on form.)

Final 16 (Division 1)
Sayuri Nishiguchi 3-0 Momoka Hayashi
Yukie Sakaguchi 3-0 Rie Yakiyama
Mana Kawakami 0-3 Ren Kamata
Miyu Miyawaki 3-0 Mariko Kimura
Mayu Shikanai 0-3 Risa Hamada
Yuno Tamura 3-0 Shoko Sasaki
Natsumi Iwata 3-2 Sayoko Yoshiba
Kyoka Hattori 3-1 Kanae Mizobuchi

Gah then I open my big mouth about my girls being on form! Both got knocked out, so both Rie and Shoko will have to survive the round robin next time out in Chiba. Rie Yakiyama leap frogs Rie Hoshino in the ranks 67 points to 66, Shoko Sasaki is in 26th place with 78pts.

Sayuri Nishiguchi 1-3 Yukie Sakaguchi
Ren Kamata 3-1 Miyu Miyawaki
Risa Hamada 0-3 Yuno Tamura
Natsumi Iwata 3-2 Kyoka Hattori

Semi Finals
Yukie Sakaguchi 2-3 Ren Kamata (Close Game; Ren winning the 501 then Yukie playing cricket like she was Yukie Grahamgoochi - from 2-1 down Ren leveld the match on the 501 leg then it was Yukie going first in a game of... Cricket. the game type Yukie had monstered Ren. Last leg was electric but Ren just took the win.
Yuno Tamura 3-1 Natsumi Iwata

Ren Kamata 3-2 Yuno Tamura
All Cosmo Final. Yuno took the lead in the 501, Ren got it level with the first cricket. Yuno took a white horse and the second cricket game to be just one leg away form the win. Ren had the darts, but yuno had a single chance to take the win... triple 13... and missed, Ren had 55 so single 15 tops and the match went down to the wire!
Ren won the bull - For the final game of Cricket and started super strong pulling a lead that Yuno just couldn't peg back.

So a hard fought win for Kanagawa's Ren Kamata beating Yukie Sakaguchi in the semi's and recent Birthday girl Nara's Yuno Tamura in the close final. Takes Ren back into the top 10. Yukie Sakaguchi scored 19 points here to close the gap to just 8 points on Mikuru but will need something special in the next 6 stages to beat The Miracle.

Top ten Title Chase after stage 12
243 Mikuru Suzuki
235 Yukie Sakaguchi
174 Natsumi Iwata
156 Mayu Shimizu
156 Mariko Kimura
154 Yuno Tamura
144 Miyu Miyawaki
133 Haruka Hirose
132 Yukina Chiba
129 Ren Kamata

(Graham Gooch was an English Cricket batsmen from the 70's-80's-90's - he was good at cricket.)
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Thanks for the write-up Ryk, really very good!

I missed it this morning (I usually only catch the end anyway, as there's very little chance of me being awake at 5 am!!)

I don't really understand what's going on most of the time, and certain aspects annoy me, but I always seem to make an effort to watch so it can't be all bad Smile
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