Post of the Month (March 19)
Our most viewed post on our Facebook page from March was this sets of darts.

22g - 6.35mm Dia x 52.00mm Long

[Image: 52688636_2248159245436731_18402260685108...e=5D36E60C]

25.5g - 7.80mm Dia x 47.20mm Long

[Image: 52893131_2248607572058565_59223647641927...e=5D095BAD]

24g - 7.14mm Dia x 47.80mm Long

[Image: 52789816_2244966452422677_78036209516350...e=5D5078B7]

20.7g - 8.00mm Dia x 40.00mm Long

[Image: 52664534_2245662019019787_51982128039780...e=5D3A8930]

25g - 6.70mm Dia x 50.90mm Long

[Image: 51672182_2241049969480992_60335500815279...e=5D469F86]
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[Image: custommade-700.png?v=1592246562]
Some more great looking work there - not surprised the top one is the most viewed, but the one I'm more curious about is the 20.7g set with the little step
Stunning work as always Anthony.
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Shafts: Short RD Nitrotech 
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[Image: op13lZ6.png]

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