2019 BDO British Internationals
Happening this weekend in Glenrothes and being streamed by 247dottv

[Image: BDO%20internationals%20Poster%202019.jpg]

Friday 5th                    Live Stream
5.30pm                        Doors Open
6:30pm                        Wales v Scotland (Boy’s)
7.30pm                        Scotland V Wales (Girls)
8.15pm                        England v Wales (Boy’s)
9:15pm                        Wales v Scotland (Ladies)

Saturday 6th                Live Stream  
09:30am                      Doors to general public open
10:00am                      Scotland v England (Girls)
10:45pm                      England v Wales (Ladies)
11:45pm                      Scotland V England (Boy’s)
12.45pm                      England v Wales (Girls)
1:30pm                        Scotland v Wales (Men)
Saturday night
8:30pm to 1:00 Entertainment (Youth Presentation)

Sunday 7th                   Live Stream   
09:30am                      Doors to general public open
10:30am                      England v Wales (Men)
2:30pm                        Scotland v England (Ladies)
4:30pm                        England v Scotland (Men)
8:00pm                        Presentations
Thanks for the info Mike and also the links for the stream. mint
Shall try and remember about this, very interested to see the standard of the youth games.
B: 23g   S: Intermediate   F: Shape   180s: 3
Thanks for the links.
It's cool to know about and be able watch some of these things live, as opposed to a week later when I stumble upon them on YouTube.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me ..... I find bliss in my confusion.   

(04-04-2019, 04:55 PM)jt4527 Wrote: Shall try and remember about this, very interested to see the standard of the youth games.

I think at least one youth player will be very good standard - Leighton Bennett is in the England squad for this

The England squad is

Beau Greaves
Shannon Reeves

Leighton Bennett
Keelan Kay
Mitchell McCarthy
Brad Phillips

Casey Gallagher
Trina Gulliver
Deta Hedman
Maria O'Brien
Fallon Sherrock
Lorraine Winstanley

Martin Adams
Martin Atkins
Martin Atkins
Daniel Day
Kevin Dowling
Dennis Harbour
Mick Haynes
Nigel Heydon
Paul Hogan
Paul Milford
Scott Mitchell
Wez Newton

Not got a clue on the Scotland and Wales squads at the moment as I can't find them on either of their sites
The Scotland team is:

Sophie McKinlay
Chloe O'Brien

John Gallazzi
Nathan Girvan
Connor Mitchell
Kyle Walker

Emily Davidson
Louise Hepburn
Lorraine Hyde
Lynsey McDonald
Susanna McGimpsey
Chelsea McMahon

Euan Callander
Scott Campbell
Ryan Hogarth
Alex Jeffery
Ian Jolly
Ross MacDougall
Jim McEwan
Bruce Montgomery
Ross Montgomery
Scott Robertson
Alan Small
Alan Souter
Last up, the Wales team is:

Jasmin Dean
Tamzin Parr

Ethan Haymes
Connor Hopkins
Sion Russell
Taylor Smoldon

Katie Bellerby
Natalie Evans
Nikki Goldsmith
Rhian O'Sullivan
Ann-Marie Potts
Chris Savvery

Steve Alker
Darren Bingham
Mark Blandford
Scott Dockerty
Dale Hughes
Tim Jones
Nick Kenny
Clive Langford
Mark Layton
David Arwyn Morris
Mikey Rees
David Rogers
Jim Williams
John Williams-Jones
Thanks for the links!
(04-05-2019, 08:19 PM)Joshtin Pipe Wrote: WHERE IS ANDY HAMILTON giveup1 giveup1 giveup1 giveup1 giveup1 giveup1 giveup1 giveup1 giveup1 giveup1 giveup1

Why would England pick him - he doesn't play BICC which is one of the main criteria for selection
From a quick look Hamilton is miles away from getting picked - he is joint 1,497th on the ED national ranking tables

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