Silver vs Black Points
So ive just put the Harrows Silver ringed grip on my wolframs expecting more grip on finger but even after a hour of throwing it appears to be more slippery then my black standard points ??

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I found the same thing with silver points, my finger kept slipping off them. I will only use black standard points on any darts I use now.

The silver points that came in the Wolfram box stayed in the box, i'm not a fan of silver points, i know you can rough them up but i'll stick cheap Designa black points in a set before i'll use silver points
Have you ever noticed how scruffed up MVG’s silver points are .

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His look so small now they almost look like reflex points
I agree with Crusher, silver points get binned in any darts I'm going to throw. Scuffed points look scruffy and I dont do scruffy darts.
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yea might have to get some black ringed points then by sounds

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For black grip points hard to beat CD MK2's IMO...
I find that the best points are bare steel, no coating of any kind.
I don't specifically seek out black or silver points, but if the silver points don't stick so well then I just rough them up. No problem.

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