Ultralight soft tip darts.

I've been using Stephen Buntings 11.8g soft tip darts on my Gran Board 3 for a while now and although I liked them I always felt I was holding back a bit with my throw due to noise and weight, it just didn't feel 100% natural.

For the hell of it I tried some cheap 8.23g darts that came free with a cheap plastic board and they flew amazing, sounded great as they hit the board and my throw felt more natural and comfortable, the only issue is the darts are really cheap. For example the thread for the stem ruins half of the stems I've tried.

So I'm looking for a decent set of 6.5-8.5 gram soft tip darts but I can't seem to find any. Do they exist or will it be a custom order?

Thank you.
Suppose it will be really hard to look for this kind of weight. I think going for customs will be the best.
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It does appear that way.

I keep looking but strangely the lightest dart I've found is steel tip.

Thank you.
Trinidad Benjamin are what you are looking for.


But hard to get nowadays.
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If the main thing is the threads, just run a tap in it...should fix the problem.

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