Photobucket tutorial
How to correctly post an image on the forum with Photobucket:

From the Android app:

  1. Open the image in Photobucket you want to post on the forum.
  2. Click on the share icon beneath the picture.
  3. Choose: Copy Link to Clipboard
  4. Copy the URL without tags
  5. Go to the forum and open the post where you want to post the image. Click "Insert an image" and paste the URL and push the "Insert" button 
  6. Picture posted!

From your PC:
Same process as above, but with the Direct url you find on the right side of the picture.
[Image: Photobucket_5_zpsdkyve7dz.png]
Thanks for tutorial, added to the Forum Guide Index.

I'll just add, direct links are preferred instead of the "linked bbcode" option many members try to use.  Labelled "IMG" in the screenshots, that option doesn't work well with the forum software and should be avoided.

There's also a useful hack to get rid of the Photobucket watermark.  Just add "~original" without the quotes to the image filename.  Like this:

Abbreviated link: "bunch-of-stuff/Photobucket_5_zpsdkyve7dz.png~original".  Result:

[Image: Photobucket_5_zpsdkyve7dz.png~original]

You'll have to turn on the "View Source" button in the main post editor to view and edit the actual link code in your post.  Far right button in the bottom toolbar.


Update:  Photobucket has closed the  "~original"  hack.  Too bad...

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