Injury recovery
I'm currently in a cast after braking my throwing hand. Had to get surgery to get a screw put my hamate and have a temporary pin in. Itching to get back throwing but don't want to rush either and cause more damage. The doctors don't seem to be much help, or interested when I ask about it

Anybody experience a similar injury or have any advice?

All I can say is, give it all the time it needs, don't try to rush it.
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Totally agree with Borisbbadd,
I’ve rushed an injury many years ago and it will just lengthen your full recovery or worse create a permanent ailment.

A good time to work on other aspects of the game like perfecting calculations for outshots and such.

All the best for a full recovery.

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Iv’e been working on my accuracy. I’ve gone from 53.6% to 92.8% getting 3 darts in the foam ring around my Winmau !
Have you ever thought about switching hands? I know I tried doing that once and it really was useless for me but some people have sucessfully changed hands. Just take your time getting back and do whatever therapy is prescribed to you.
As don t rush let it heel while in cast...... I am sure once the cast comes off they will refer you for some physio therapy ..when they do speak to the physio they will be the best people to advice you
learn to throw with your other hand in the meantime Big Grin
Well, I can assure the Drs. aren't worried about your recreational dart throwing if it will impede your recovery and healing. You may have gotten some sympathy if a touring pro who makes a living tossing darts, but even then, it takes time to recover and rushing back will only lengthen that time in all likelihood.

Just chill out, the game will still be there for you to play when things heal properly. I had a torn rotator cuff in 2012 and it gave me fits to throw. Then in late 2013 I had the surgery to repair it with the subsequent 6 months of recovery that had me seeing a physical therapist for the first 3 months. I learned to toss with my off hand and the only problem I really had was pinpointing out shots on doubles, but scoring was pretty good once I got use to it.

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