Old Codger Raffle 3 winners video

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Congratz to all the winners and thanks for the raffle!
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Not me this year unfortunately, but well done to all the winners and hope you all enjoy your prizes.

Big thanks to Cat and the mods who organized and ran the raffle, and also to Darren for doing the draw - but even bigger thanks to all those who donated the prizes.

By my quick reckoning there aren't any duplicate prize winners, so good to see the goodies shared around.
Reserving this post for winning tickets and prize claim order.  There's only 18 prizes, so the 19th number will be kept in reserve in case of an unclaimed prize.  And the winners are - in order of pick:

1. 450 - justin-tutboard CLAIMED - RVB's donated by ChrisTheFish
2. 308 - BDG CLAIMED - Cosmo Fit Shafts and Flights donated by The Jester
3. 378 - Hamo CLAIMED - Monster Lightning Strikes donated by BDG
4. 81 - italNZ CLAIMED - $50 paypal transfer donated by Baloos
5. 479 - philliesricky CLAIMED - DartsNutz Limited Edition Set 33/50 and Gold unbranded set 24g - donated by Rebel
6. 130 - Cs_89 CLAIMED - $25 paypal transfer donated by Baloos
7. 200 - Borisbbadd CLAIMED - Mustang Sally Kelly darts donated by Slingblade
8. 415 - RobJon CLAIMED - Shot Warrior Hautoa 24g darts donated by Getagrip
9. 413 - Baloos CLAIMED - Red Dragon Double 16 Bear Grip 24g - donated by Chappers
10. 366 - Whiskypops CLAIMED - Harrows Predator donated by Future
11. 426 - Crusher17 CLAIMED - Quantum 500's donated by Nixer55
12. 134 - Mike HermThe CLAIMED - Harrows Raxr Bulbous donated by Getagrip
13. 22 - jt4527 CLAIMED - $25 paypal transfer donated by Saber
14. 171 - Vern61 CLAIMED - $25 paypal transfer donated by Saber
15. 355 - skinnygav has passed on remaining prizes
16. 405 - Slingblade CLAIMED - Winmau Navigator 3 - donated by Chappers
17. 90 - Calvinize CLAIMED - Designa Black Shadows - donated by The Jester
18. 125 - Red'75 CLAIMED - Navigator 2's - donated by Chappers

19. (reserve #) 292. - Nixer55 - CLAIMED -AFS gear - donated by philliesricky

Once winners have chosen their prize in order, this list will be updated with "claimed" status.

Hot Dog I'm a wiener, uhh I mean winner - lucky #415

Thanks to all for their contribution in time, effort and prizes.

This place keeps getting better and better!
Finally, my luck has changed!!!! Smile Smile I may get the lotto done
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I believe I heard # 200 !!!   ooohyeah
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me ..... I find bliss in my confusion.   

What a score I'm 134
Thanks for all your hard work Guys
Ooooooh, I got one!!!

Congrats to everyone and long may this forum continue.

Thanks to all the awesome mods who kept control of this thing and the people who donated the prizes. You are all awesome SmileSmile
B: 25g   S: Medium   F: Standard   180s: 0/25
First up - 450- justin-tutboard...
ALSO wish to thank all that played and in so doing helped out the forum
We're all winners
Congrats to the winners and big thanks to all involved :-)
Ongratulations to all the winners and thank you to all involved in contributing and running the raffle.
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Get in I'm just finishing work so will sit when I get home

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BOARD-Winmau Diamond (for practice)
BOARD-unicorn eclipse HD trainer board (for a laugh)
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Yay...I'm a wiener.....oops....winner....lol.....Thanks all.....!!! Big Grin

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