Tips and help for a good throwing style
I've never actually read the tips here before.
So I'll pass these on and hope it helps some.

Stand in front of a big mirror and do your throwing movement for a few minutes.
Switch between front- and sideways.
That's it.

I bet you'll discover a few oddities.
Something like a strange arm movement.
Correct until it looks better and cleaner and then continue to train normally.
I do it once a week and it really helps me a lot.

Quick release
When you release the dart, do it fast, very fast, like a snap of the fingers just in another direction and open your fingers wide.
I often had the problem that a dart suddenly tumbled through the air.
It was often because a finger touched the dart by/after the release and gave it a wrong impulse.

With a bit of luck you will have the advantage that the Follow Through will automatically be better too.

If you have a finger under the dart to stabilize it, it gets more complicated.
This finger will kick the dart in the wrong direction when you open your hand. So don't move this finger at all or much later.
True, Always twisted my arm to get it in front of my eye. If I throw sideways, the elbow is straight. Would not have noticed it without a mirror.

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