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(07-05-2019, 12:05 PM)targetdarts Wrote:
(05-27-2019, 09:25 PM)heart92262 Wrote: Hello,

I really like the look of the Nexus board and would buy it if it had the ability to play against the computer. Since the online community is still building, I believe that this feature would attract more customers.   Any updates as to when bot playing will be available?

Thank you for your time.

Hello Sue, thanks for sending in your question to us! We're constantly working on updates and playing against the computer is something we're actively developing and hoping to release soon. We have actually been testing it this week at Target HQ, the only problem is the Robot keeps beating us! I think we need some better players in the office...all kidding aside this feature is coming along really well when we've been testing it and it's something we hope to release very, very soon. We agree that it would attract people to the Nexus, and we're so excited to release it! We appreciate that it's been a little while since anyone heard anything concrete from us, but it's just a little longer to wait...we promise! There is also a Nexus community page on Facebook if you search for "Target Nexus Online". Perhaps you're already a member. People gather here to look for matches and share their feedback on the Nexus, and we'll be communicating through this channel as well in the future. There's so many brilliant things around the corner, we're hoping to make some announcements before the end of the month... so stay tuned!! ~Liam

Thank you, Liam, for the reply!  Excited to see what’s coming, since I purchased the Nexus board! 
Excellent quality and I enjoy playing on it. I have a lot of practicing to do to if I want to beat the computer!  Big Grin
Hey Nutz, I heard Adrian Lewis has a new set he's been using. Does anyone have a pic?
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Didn't he use his Gen 3 dart yesterday?
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