Poll attached to the raffle discussion thread-please vote Nutz
I has been suggested that we have a two level requirement for being eligible for raffle tickets for this raffle only as this is for the forum update and we have a higher number of tickets due to that goal.  This was due to an initial member suggestion proposed by a long term member who has a few oars (tickets) in the raffle pond.  This is only being considered due to the reason for the raffle- help towards a forum upgrade.

Here’s the proposed eligibilty:

15 (or perhaps 20) tickets for all Nutz with 100 posts or more. 
Throwing it open to——10 tickets for any Nutz with 75 posts on record as of today.

Vote in the poll please, I value your input.
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
Link to thread and poll for your convenience:  Wink


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