Plastic tabs for numbers ring?
Would any one happen to know where you can purchase the plastic tabs that hold the numbers ring to the board? I have looked on a few of the online dart vendor sites with no luck.
Remember someone asking this before, but can't find the thread.  Nor can I find a supplier, except for this shop in Canada:

Sure the shipping would make them very pricey though.  Have you tried your board manufacturer?


Edit:  Found the thread, but the link doesn't have them anymore:
Possibly get some from an old board, any friends with an old board there not using ?
I'm just wondering if some cable clips might work unless somebody has spares from an old board?
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I have not tried the board manufacturer yet. One of the tabs on my new Gladiator 3 split when whacked with a dart. The tabs on my old Unicorn Eclipse are beat up but none split after years of abuse. They are more substantial than those on Gladiator. You are correct fgbradley has them. They sell them individually...decent price but cheapest shipping option is $15.00. Don't need them that bad. Funny I can get darts and plenty of kit from UK good deal cheaper than that. They do have them at a supplier in Australia but I could have a good steak dinner and a drink or two for that shipping cost. Think I will harass the good folks at Darts Corner if they can locate a few for me as I have spent a few clams with them on several occasions.
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Numbers ring is still secure on is just a bit of an eye sore for me with the board being new. You would think that dart supply vendors would have some on hand. I am sure others might occasionally need them. That or others may not have friends who buckshot their darts all over the board. LOL
well good luck either way.
Would've thought you could find them somewhere, and last year seems you could.  

One thing about the G3's though, the clips are very plain.  Might be able to put something together if you come across a suitable 'donor' piece.  Stepping or grooving the back and drilling a hole in a rectangular piece of plastic is all we're talking about.

Contact e-mail for One80:
I figure in the end that is the route I will take nixer55, finding a suitable piece of plastic at one of the varied business's I deliver to and fashion one.
Well...I contacted Darts Corner(who I have spent a good deal of coin with) about the clips and got the brief answer "Sorry but this is not an item we carry sadly, Thanks" Ya...I noticed that from combing your online store. No response to my inquiry about where I might source the clips otherwise or my suggestion they might keep some on hand for the darting community at large. I get it, for some a job is just a job. Nothing personal...but move along Yank and take your sense of entitlement for having spent $531.48 since July with us with you.

I also contacted A-Z Darts(who I have not spent as much coin with) and they asked me to give them a week and they would try to come up with something for me whether they would pull a couple off of a damaged returned board or otherwise. And noted "Board manufactures are not ones to sell components of their dart boards typically", I find that curious being one can purchase number rings themselves....but so be it.  Kudos to them for at least humoring me no matter the result. I am not bitter at all with Darts Corner despite how the above may sound, great selection and price and never any problem with orders.  

My final thought on this is.... come on dart shops in UK and US, get some of these clips in stock so poor souls like myself don't have to beg and whine for them.

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