I’ve got Winmau stealth at present, are Cosmo flight and shafts worth the extra or can anyone suggest alternatives. Big fan of the ‘fit’ flight style as can’t stand flights coming off.

I decided to give moulded flights a try around 6 months ago and read loads of stuff on here about them. I narrowed it down to Robson flights or L Style flights and shafts.

I went with L Style in the end and am very happy with them, I've used the normal locked shafts, and the carbon silent (spinners). Quite expensive but they last so long I think they're definitely worth it. I'm on my third set of flights after 6 months but the first two are still fine, I just get impatient and want to use my new stuff Smile
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How you doing Bret? Welcome to the group.

Lots of info on here about flight systems and people's choice. I prefer the Cosmo fit but haven't tried the others. Once I started using them I figured they were spot on so why mess with anything else.
Welcome to Darts Nutz Bret. I use both, but I prefer the L-style flight system. Both are good
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I’m good thanks! Been on the forum a while looking at posts but first time to start a thread! I’ve had a look through but wondered if there was any newer/updated around.

Thanks for the welcome and help so far!

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i  have problem with white clic.  the flight torn completely from its base when i put off from stem.  only white color.  other color so far ok.  

was loving it until now.

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