Adrian Lewis leaving Keith Deller’s Management?
Oh, it gets entertaining.

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Deller accusing a twitter page of fake journalism, when he himself is not telling the complete truth. Also Deller delted his tweet with the accusation as far as I can see. Rolleyes
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He may have deleted fake journalism tweet, but he hasn't deleted the tweet where he thanked the GameOn people removed the article yet
I think we will begin to see the Jackpot of Old emerging once again . ( Already wins a floor event this past weekend)
I’ve been hoping for this separation for quite a while now . No offence ( I hear Keith is a great guy) but Deller has been milking that 138 check out for wayyyyyy to long .

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Let's get the salty popcorn ready. This is gonna be a doozy Big Grin

I'm hoping its Adie of old. Let the hair down (or lack of it), pump fists and hype up the crowd with his natural talent.

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Maybe Adie forgot to tell him, busy winning tiles and such.
I liked how Jackpot played over the weekend, especially Sunday. Good luck to him!
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It seems to be slightly acrimonious, wonder what happened. Is Adrian with another stable now?

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