Is this particular new Unicorn eclipse HD2 worth buying?
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My unicorn board I bought new from Amazon has a few imperfections but nothing too bad, I don't think it will last all that long.  Most people seem to prefer the Winmau Blade 5 DC or the One80 Gladiator 3
I can't see any significant damages. In my opinion it's a good dartboard. I only had the basic Eclipse Pro and it wasn't a bad dartboard. At least for the price - it only cost me an entry fee at the soft tip tournament and six or seven matches that I won to be the winner:-) I was lucky to get one with the flawless bullseye... Comparing it to other dartboards that I have had the Eclipse Pro lasted the shortest time of all. About a year.
A mate of mine has this Eclipse HD2 and he likes it. Actually, the second one that he bought was the one with a metal number ring and with the UniLock.
Its all down to personal preference,  I personally wont buy any other board than Unicorn, I must just drop lucky,  I get  very good life out of mine,  but a lot of my friends buy Blades, now a blade for me is too soft,

Give them a try, see what you think your self,

Also worth a look is the Target board,  a very worthy contender,
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I've had an HD Pro and it was fine, at the moment I have a blade 5 DC, and I'll probably stick with them for the foreseeable future
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I bought an Eclipse HD 2 about a few months ago and it got wrecked BAD. I wouldn't consider my darts "board wreckers" but I throw on my board about 45 minutes a day. It looks wrecked as hell. You could also see from the MvG Rob Cross game in the World Champs that after even 2 hours, the board gets damaged, especially for the trebles segment. Wouldn't recommend buying it unless you get a good discount or like name brand products

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