My New Finishing Game
I like to practice finishing, and working on different outshots. I've tried a few training games in this area, and have come up with my own version which seems to suit me well. I haven't been playing seriously for long, so the starting parameters may not suit everyone, but I think the game can be tweaked for your own needs.

Here's the game:

I start with a target of 41, and allow myself nine darts to finish with a double.
If I am successful, I count the number of darts used. Call this N. My next target is then 41 + 10 - N.
For example, I hit 41 with S9, miss, D16. Nice! Three darts used. 10 - 3 = 7 so my next target is 41 + 7 = 48.
If I fail to finish in 9 darts, I subtract one from my target and try again. Say I fail to get 48 in nine darts (boo, rubbish). Then I move onto 48 - 1 = 47.
Continuing the example, let's say I hit 47 with 7 darts (S15, miss, S16, miss, S8, miss, D4 yay!). My next target is then 50, because 47 + 10 - 7 = 50.

I use 10 in the maths because it's one more than 9. If I get my target with my ninth (last) dart, my next target is still one number higher.

To track progress, I count how many rounds it takes to get my target up to 100.

I find this practice gives me a lot of different scenarios, instead of some other training games I've played where you have to slog through targets incrementing by one each time.

The game can be tweaked by using a different number of darts (3, 6, 12, etc) and/or by using a different starting target, depending on your ability and practice requirements. You can set your benchmark differently as well, maybe count how many rounds it takes to get your target up to 80, or 120, or 170!

Any thoughts or comments?
Seems a fun way to practice. Thanks for sharing!

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