EDIT -Hunting Monsters - DC PURCHASE -thread detailing my dart decisions
(03-09-2019, 03:13 AM)SlingBlade Wrote: Merry Christmas!!!!  They both look awesome. The Cobra's look sweet with your stem choice. I've been patiently waiting with you and the rest of the Nutz for your new tools to arrive. Looks like the Ogre's are landing nicely for you. Have fun tinkering. With both darts being different I'd settle on one set for a bit to get comfortable with them. I know you must love them both.

Again, I aPpreciate the reply and quality input / advice.

Where the Ogres are a straight barrel of sorts, and I have played with straight barrels for a comfortable amount of time already, I may try and stick with the Cobra II design and see what happens. 

Cobras design is nothing like i have ever thrown, they are so short and small yet have a high density it seems. They travel through the air well, then just drop - which I like. Unlike any other Darts, I can almost throw them with just two fingers and they still propell without flopping through the air.

The Ogres, they are speedy little guys and wicked grip. And not as sensitive like most “lighter”darts are. Or “unforgiving” as some put it. I think I will take a liking .

I have succumbed to My addiction . $200 is too much to be throwing around at this moment, while not being an experienced player I am gambling away at trying To find a magical set of darts.

MY last set I ordered, when they’ arrived, I had To lock away 7other sets for  month to  ensure I got my  money’s worth......lol so....I have some experience with That now....but tomorrow evening I have 3-4 hours of ME TIME lol. 
So I will be sure to play with meaning., I’m not gonna be shy to quickly rule out a set I don’t think.....I’d rather learn a expensive quick lesson then a long expensive and upsetting one.



Really glad you are getting a chance to sample an extreme barrel design like the Cobra II. I wish you the best as you proceed with learning what could and simply won’t work for you.
I think you need to give yourself time with the Cobra's. The raffle is 3/10!!
I really really really am trying with the Cobras.

They are amazing LITTLE dart.....key word little....

Like, they need to make an adult size set......

I just don’t believe a set of darts should make you have to adapt To a new style of grip and throw .....I’m learning all over again right from the beggining, and even more so, the weight change.

Don’t even get me started on the Ogres.....I liked them more at first as they were a straight barrel... LOL, but now I’d rather throw the Cobras as they have a bit more thickness and the design is New, so it’s pushing me to try new styles. I’m hitting accuracy sometimes like a fly on the wall it feels. They are so fast, but you really have to slow down if you want any grouping....I give them a little kick off my fingers between thumb at the scallop at back , and my index and middle fingers tips are on the top and side. Where I used to throw with my middle fingers first knuckle on the side.....

They really need to design these at a longer length and thicker size.....

The Ogres 7 are like throwing golden tooth picks.....amazing grip at the BACK. A sort of GRIT. I’ve never seen that grip before but it is phenomenal, BUT I’m a front gripper so I don’t really get to touch it on the Ogres .....

It’s like honey I shrunk the kids of darts..........

I want my ANDOS back lol...

But I need to appreciate the value of my purchase ..... I’ll stick with the Cobras......

I am throwing a completely different way , aiming different......oh my......
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Well....after much deliberation.....I don’t even know what that word means lol...

I have found a decent set up for the monsters......monsters indeed they are.....horrible colour schematics ....but they are flying well...

They are not your every day run or the mill arrows THATS FOR SURE......

If I had my time back and could have tried them before purchase. I most likely would not own these.

But here I am. I’m going to Learn every  damn thing I can from these arrows to make me inevitably a better dart player . 5
[Image: gxddJuj.jpg]CObras will be my first set to experiment with for a minimum of a week , things are turning around I’m getting a littl a consistency,....I’ve hit about 100 T18s going for T20s.so something’s off with my release. Lol I’m pretty sure it is the roll from my thumb pushing it to the right.

[Image: M1aIegv.jpg]
I am the Cobra!!!!!!! 

Got some venomous stems and flights (found some old green ones lol , they break quick...but they have a little bit of grip on them where the black is)

And I got Some barrels touching finally!!! 

lol thanks SlingBlade, I stuck with it and it was torture at first, but im inevitably a better player now

How do we like these colours????? Lol

[Image: o9jRjzM.jpg]
[Image: kuDB3TJ.jpg]
Love the color scheme. Like the way the black blends back onto the black points. Adds a nice contrast. Very nice throw you let us see
(03-14-2019, 02:53 AM)SlingBlade Wrote: Love the color scheme. Like the way the black blends back onto the black points. Adds a nice contrast. Very nice throw you let us see

Thank you the kind generous feedback!!!

I’ve got a feeling I am going to get these darts to great things.

I can shoot pretty well all around the board with them.....

You still chucking the Gunners????? Full time?????

I’ve got two sets I’m working with, where’s the Cobras are so light, I have bet very relaxed. Warmed Up   Comfortable, focus, and just in the ZONE, LOL
Actually after seeing all your pics of the Cobra's I pulled mine off the shelf and put some storms on them and have been throwing them for the past 1.5 weeks. They are a nice barrel for sure. I was deeply tempted to purchase the gold ones and just have to cool it buying darts with expenses hitting me all over the place right now.
(02-28-2019, 08:46 PM)CalixNL Wrote: Does anyone have experience with the Monster Ogres.???

I’ve been using the Ogre IV for 2 years and love em... tried the V and VI too but keep using the IV.

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