EDIT -Hunting Monsters - DC PURCHASE -thread detailing my dart decisions
It means their site which provides tracking info was having some sort of technical issue. Try again later...
There tracking was down part of yesterday/last night, my tracking has been " In Transit " for almost 2 weeks, i usually get atleast it was handed over to customs message, so dont get all excited if nothing shows up on your tracking, best to check the mail
For anticipation is just part of the fun of placing an order. We all know that feeling of kids waiting for xmas. enjoy the wait.
It’s been scanned !!!! LEaving UK!!! Thanks!
was worried My monsters Ogre 7 would be a bit thin,

But they are .2 wider than my Andos straight barrel.

Can’t wait ,

It wasn’t listed my the regular dimensions spot, but I found it on the packaging box in bottom right. Weight length and barrel width. 

[Image: 9SnY7Gf.png]


[Image: 7yvUeEV.png]
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Ogre looks very nice indeed. Tempting to me as well. I must resist............
(03-06-2019, 04:10 PM)SlingBlade Wrote: Ogre looks very nice indeed. Tempting to me as well. I must resist............

Hey sling, I’ll let you know how I like them!!! 

And if I don’t like them......I’ll let you Know , Maybe you’ll get em for half price lol

Do you find a bit of a longer stem helps balance out your Monsters ?

Or do you just rely on preference and personal balance 

They all appear pretty stubby lol, do you remember if the factory set up with a specific length stem ?

I know a general rule of thumb can be long barrell short stem, short barrel longer stem .....
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I like the feel of a short stem. If the barrel is shorter I find the darts still get to the board the way I like them to land. If not, I'll fuss with the flights between shape and pear generally.
!/2 price sounds good LOL
i must just have horseshoes stuck up me bum......haha ordered thursday night or friday night. im out.righht now and just checked tracking. its out for delivery to my house@@@@ last i checkrd two days ago it was in the UK LOL

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Seek ye first the Kingdom of God
DARTSCORNER seems to like delivering to my little island in the North Atlantic
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

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