EDIT -Hunting Monsters - DC PURCHASE -thread detailing my dart decisions
(02-28-2019, 05:21 PM)Crusher17 Wrote: There's lots of Monster with front grip most are straight barrel tho, i have the Peacemaker 2's & like i said i grabbed the Cobra2's onsale i'm a front gripper and they work good for me, but if your after a certian shape use the dart selector on DC

Ooooh Baby, cobra 2s are interesting


EDIT found the Sale

Thanks! Contender 1
I think I like gunner V and the cobra 2.

I want something with latteral etching / cuts in the front grip.

They both fit the bill.

The ogres, are nice. ! They are a straighter barrel, and longer.....and have great gripping marks...
Dud dun dun
Oh man. The Ogre VII have lots of reference points, great grip, and lateral cuts on front grip....its a straight barrel so that’s nothing new to me.....and the weight is a bit light...with 6.6 being the widest diameter....

But the cobra 2 have a diameter max at 7.4 I think, and I would like to try the new shape...
And the gunners are just beautiful looking ....and have some front etching I like ....


Contender 1 , ogres vI or vII dont see much diff..

Or cobra 2

or gunner 4 or 5???

May try the Ogres.......just because I’m familiar with straight. Barrell.

Also the only issue I’m getting stuck on is the 22g total weight barrels points shaft flight  set up....I’m used to 24-26g......all though with the shape of the dart on the Gunner 5 , I dont feel it being an issue....I have thrown 22 before, but we’re straight barrel chizzys......

I think the Cobra 2 natural will give me taste of both worlds. . . And saving a few bucks?

Does anyone have experience with the Monster Ogres.???
The Mark III actually look pretty appealing

Woops!!! I did it??! Placed an order lol
Well done!

I’m sure you are going to like those darts. 
Monster quality is very good and finish is pretty darn good too.

If you decide to try Target Storm Points at some time, many of the Monster barrels fit the Storm point beautifully.
The Cobra II would look great in 30mm smooth Storms IMO.  Wink
Thanks everyone for the help!!!!

All you Nutz were as helpful as ever.

I made the decision with just a spur of the moment decision.....And a slight itch of addiction among other things.

Thanks to Crusher. I chose the “Cobra 2 Naturals” ( on sale $60-70 , without the gold coating but identical dart)

And the Ogre 7 which have a straight barrel and lots of different lateral and horizontal grip etching , and reference points!!!
If anyone has a personal opinion of the ogres, please share!

Thanks all!!
well you said you were going to treat yourself and so you did. I have the Cobra's and they are one of my 2 favorite darts, at the moment. And to add storms do look great on them as well. Now the wait.....................
Nice choices, those Ogre especially look great. I have the Monster Wizard Pro and really like them but they're a bit too light for me, I'm looking at the Reysol 2 or Helios 3 maybe...
Bulls NL 501 pyramid grip 24g
L Style flights & stems
Unicorn Volute points
(03-01-2019, 04:35 PM)Chappers Wrote: Nice choices, those Ogre especially look great.  I have the Monster Wizard Pro and really like them but they're a bit too light for me, I'm looking at the Reysol 2 or Helios 3 maybe...

Oooooh! Damn ! The helios is 24 g total, and similar straight barrel to the ogres, maybe a bit longer .

They would be nice.  

I man just having a look at the wizard pros now,

Oh they are very nice design too . Yet still at 22g total I see. And they have a 7.2 width at the widest.

I should start getting used To my lighter darts lol! 


like sling said...now the wait...don’t want to jinx it, but I’ve got gotten tracked royal in 5 days. Just this past January .....
LOL fingers crosses......if they came straight across the ocean , we would Be the first Canadian province to hit....lol sadly i think they go to the states or mtl or T.O.
Montreal for me in Nova Scotia - usually. Wink
China for me lol
Dispatched (despatched lol) March 1 8:55 AM (Atlantic time Newfoundland )
I really like the shape of the Ogre barrel - keep us informed as to how they fly. Nice choice on both sets - hope they fly well for you.
(03-02-2019, 12:44 AM)Nucky Wrote: I really like the shape of the Ogre barrel - keep us informed as to how they fly. Nice choice on both sets - hope they fly well for you.
 Thanks!!!? Me too! I will defintily keep you informed .

I am officially a dart addict..........lol I have spent many other Friday nights doing much worse things.

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