Missing results from 1970s/80s
I have a load of missing results from various tournaments. None online/books/magazines etc...

Can anybody help?

Darts World KO Cup 1979
1979 Marlborough Int'l Matchplay (not M. Masters)
1979 Butlins Grand Masters (Bobby George beat who?)
1980 Golden Gate Classic
1980 British Matchplay
1980 Butlins Southern Classic
1980 Brains Welsh Matchplay
1981 Darts World KO Cup
1981 Puma Masters

There are many many more - all details welcomed

Thank you
Not sure where you can get the info from if it's not online anywhere, but try contacting Darts World magazine and see if they have them in their archives (assuming they reported on them at the time).
I have all Darts World issues. I'm relying on people who have programmes with the results or actual players!!
If you have all the Darts World issues then are the results not in there? I'll be very surprised if the Darts World KO Cup results at least aren't in there somewhere given it was them who sponsored the event.
It was televised regionally therefore it had to be kept quiet. Sometimes they gave the winner (it was replaced by the Dry Blackthorn Masters.
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The US had a magazine that came out a few times a year called "BullsEye News" and it gave tournament results both from the US and international tournaments.   Not sure if you'll find the info you seek in them, but it is another avenue to try.
Yes, thanks for this. I've made enquiries with them - they only started in late 1982 I think.
OK, did some looking and didn't find much but maybe some of this will help a bit.

1979 Butlins saw Bobby George beat a guy named Bill Lennard=====No score indicated, only that George won.

80 Matchplay winner was Jockey Wilson 2-0 over Leighton Reese

And last, 1980 Golden Gate Classic looks to be won by Eric Bristow with no opponent named or score given.

Everything else came up dry.
Thank you - yes, it's a difficult task!!
Hi. Billy Lennard of Lancashire and England was a darting legend in the UK.
He was (like Alan Evans) at his peak before televised darts but I'm sure there is you tube footage of him in the News of the World comp on there somewhere.

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