3rd Annual Old Codgers Raffle- Coming this March!!!
Hi Nutz!!!

It’s that time!

Rather than tease you with a view of the current prizes by posting “dart porn”, it’s been decided to tantilize you with a few details on this bad boy Raffle.

Word to the wise: Only members with 100 posts or more may enter.
There will be 500 tickets available
So far, we have 9 (count’em!!!) 9 prizes!!!

As per Admins, we hope this will help move forward a much needed Forum update, soooooo.....
Any of you Nutz who are in the mood and might want to, Email a mod if you have any shiny shiny sharp pointy things you might want to add to the list.

We will be contacting sponsors as well. 

Some good prizes there Nutz!  

Enjoy the anticipation!
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
[Image: BelievetheHype%402x.jpg]
You ready for this Nutz? I am.....can’t wait!
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
Stop teasing us!!! (Only 29 more posts)
Oh yeah its gonna be good Wink
If you have a set of good used stuff that you don't use this is your chance to do some good.
Open to any Nutz generosity! Want this to be a bang up raffle for a darn fine forum and the best bunch of Nutz that can be found.
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
Today's online world can be a tough place for people focused communities like us.  Free ain't easy.

Main focus has always been our members, greatest resource we have.  Few places on the web offer this level of personal care and concern.   Without subjecting the community to invasive advertising, tracking or other sneaky tricks.  Unlike a few I could name. Tongue

But all the time and effort a volunteer team can throw at these challenges is sometimes not enough.  So we invite your contributions, and continued support.  

Thanks to all you Nutz, see you at the raffle.  Let's make it one to remember!
[Image: keep-calm-and-win-prizes-6.png]
OMG1.GIF  jawdrop
Will it stay at 500 tickets this year?
[Image: aviary-image-1546527737695-02.jpg]
This is a great event and I believe that anyone who has ever graced these great forums whether it be for advice, guidance or just for some info, should give something back, however small.

Even if it's just for Darren's reviews, I'd pay good money for access to those reviews.

It's a worthy cause to keep this place running.
I completely missed out on last year's raffle....

so I gotta get my commitment ready is I am to participate. I'll be ready guys!
Current Dart in Use: Quantum Darts Paradox 17.5gm
Sounds interesting and cool, have to see if I can get 100 posts by then.
(02-20-2019, 01:09 PM)theblindPew Wrote: Will it stay at 500 tickets this year?

It's odd, isn't it? Should be 501! :-)

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