2019 European Tour Dates/Qualifiers
ET8 UK qualifiers

Steve Beaton
Michael Smith
Nathan Aspinall
Mervyn King
Kirk Shepherd
Steve West
Kevin Burness
Chris Dobey
Reece Robinson
Mick Todd
Glen Durrant
Ryan Harrington
William O'Connor
Luke Woodhouse
Kyle Anderson
Scott Taylor
Steve Lennon
Ryan Joyce

DartConnect link for the scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdc19etq8uk
ET7 EU qualifiers

Rowby-John Rodriguez
Krzysztof Ratajski
Danny Noppert
Max Hopp
Raymond van Barneveld
Vincent van der Voort

DartConnect link for the scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdc19etq7eu
ET8 EU qualifiers

Martin Schindler
Krzysztof Ratajski
Jose Justicia
Jose De Sousa
Gabriel Clemens
Vincent van der Voort

DartConnect link for the scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdc19etq8eu
Looks like the European Associate Members qualifiers for the next 3 ET events are being held this weekend in Hildesheim instead of being the same days as the related Host Nation qualifiers.  Not sure how many spots are available for each event - 4 at a guess - but for anyone interested in following the progress the links for these are:

For ET7, Dutch Darts Masters - https://tv.dartconnect.com/eventmenu/pdc19etamq7

For ET8, Danish Darts Open - https://tv.dartconnect.com/eventmenu/pdc19etamq8

For ET9, Czech Darts Open - https://tv.dartconnect.com/eventmenu/pdc19etamq9
Euro Associate Members qualifiers from today - only 2 places from each of these qualifiers:

ET7 - Mike De Decker and Florian Hempel
ET8 - Mike De Decker and Cody Harris
Just looking on the Associate Members qualifier for ET9 and Michael Rasztovits has hit a 9 darter in his first round match
Associate Members qualifiers for ET9 from today were Wessel Nijman and Stefan Bellmont
Entries for the UK and Euro card holders ET9 and 10 qualifiers confirmed


I'm guessing Barney has exbo's lined up for the end of the month as he isn't entered in the ET9 qualifier but is in the list for the ET10 qualifier
Thanks for keeping us all up to date with this mc. I know there's not lots of comments but I'm always checking in for the updates.

Especially when the Adonis is up in to the seedings.
No worries - it's easier to find one overall thread for the info instead of a separate thread for each of the qualifiers, similar to the other non-tv tours like the Asia and DPA tours where I've done overall threads, as there's not really much discussion on them. I might split out the main Pro Tour weekends again next year though as that does get some discussion going.

As an aside to the above, I posted his tweet elsewhere, but Barney has now pulled out of the ET10 qualifier


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