2019 European Tour Dates/Qualifiers
The UK card holders qualifier for ET1 is underway - Duzza won his first round game 6-1 with an average of 116.4


Links for todays qualifiers:

UK tour cards - https://tv.dartconnect.com/eventmenu/pdc19et1q1uk
European tour cards - https://tv.dartconnect.com/eventmenu/pdc19et1q1eu

UK - https://tv.dartconnect.com/eventmenu/pdc19et1q2uk
Euro - https://tv.dartconnect.com/eventmenu/pdc19et1q2eu
Duzza averaged 116.4 in his first game! Cool
Current Darts: 
Target Carrera C12 24g
Pentathlon TPD T1 25g
Pentathlon Darts Clearence 26g
Red Dragon Pegasus 26g
Harrows Rapide Knurled 26g
Target Vapor8 24g
Board: Blade 5 DC
180's: 9
Highest Finish: 120
Average: I wish i could even describe myself as average
Best Leg: 17 darts (i am starting to doubt this ever happened)
Ted Evetts hit a niner in the ET1 qualifier earlier
UK qualifiers for ET1:

Mervyn King
Justin Pipe
Scott Taylor
Ricky Williams
Adam Hunt
Steve Beaton
William Borland
Ross Smith
Glen Durrant
Ritchie Edhouse
Josh Payne
Jason Wilson
Ted Evetts
Wayne Jones
Matthew Dennant
Ryan Meikle
Matthew Edgar
Martin Atkins (Leeds)
Ricky Evans has just hit a niner against Justin Pipe in the ET2 qualifier
UK qualifiers for ET2:

Mervyn King
Martin Atkins (Leeds)
James Wilson
Ricky Evans
Steve Beaton
Dave Prins
Luke Humphries
Andrew Gilding
Jamie Hughes
Josh Payne
Mickey Mansell
Mark Dudbridge
Scott Taylor
Simon Stevenson
Nathan Aspinall
Andy Boulton
Robert Thornton
Keegan Brown
Euro tour card qualifiers for ET1:

Kim Huybrechts
Jeffrey de Zwaan
Krzysztof Ratajski
Dimitri Van den Bergh
Raymond van Barneveld
Vincent van der Voort
Euro tour card qualifiers for ET2:

Tytus Kanik
Mario Robbe
Dimitri Van den Bergh
Ron Meulenkamp
Gabriel Clemens
Madars Razma
Entries confirmed for the UK and West/South Europe Tour Card Holders qualifiers for ET's 3 and 4


Good to see Barney is serious about trying to qualify for things in his final year by only bothering to enter one of the qualifiers - at least he has bothered to enter both next weekends Pro Tour events as well
To be fair....ET3 coincides with his birthday

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