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Hi, looking at getting a board for home use, main problem is space as I have 2 dogs running around, so the solution I have come up with is a board in the loft. What material would be best for the temperature fluctuations, doesn't get damp, just very hot or very cold and anything in between. The Red Dragon seems reasonable, tri wire, made by Nodor and comes with as set of darts for "Free",  all for under £35 delivered, but can anyone come up with another which would be more suitable, thanks.
The Red Dragon Hi Score 2 appears to be the same board as the Nodor Supawire 2, which Red Dragon sells for 5 pounds less than the Hi Score. 

However, I would advise against buying either because they both use triangular wire. In my experience, after being struck by the darts over time, triangular wire "turns over" so instead of a the apex of the triangle facing outward the flat base is outward. Once the wire starts turning in one spot it will continue to turn all the way around the board and bounce outs will occur virtually every time a dart contacts the wire. 

Razor wire boards are more expensive, but a lot less frustrating.
Thanks for the reply, just noticed someone else asked about the same board last month. Do you have any recommendations for a board for fitting in a loft with varying temperatures ?
Haven't got a loft, but a seasonal cottage that might be similar for heat extremes.  Find the biggest problem for boards is moisture, or lack thereof.  Humidity extremes have more impact in my experience.

When I started leaving a board at the cottage over the winter, went with a cheap "no name" round wire board.  Temp swings didn't seem to bother it.  Now I've got an old Eclipse HD down there.  Seems to be holding up OK.  At least not any worse than when it started - lol.

I'd put up a cheaper round wire board and see how you get on.  Something like the Unicorn Striker is full round wire I believe.  Back in the day, we used to keep old round wire boards in camps and small community halls around Atlantic Canada.  Most of which were unheated unless you were using it.  So pretty tough environments.  They lasted quite well for the most part.

I've had boards that lived in sheds - didn't seem to bother them. I'd also suggest buying a cheap round-wire board - you can always upgrade later.

I think you should be fine as long as your roof doesn't leak!

You might want to leave the hatch/door open while you are up there (assuming your loft isn't massive) or it might get a bit humid (breathing and all that).

You'll have to post a picture of your setup once you get going.
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So in order of design, & functionality, which is best to worse, razor wire, triangular wire or round wire ?
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