Nexus vs granboard vs hidart vs dartslive
Spend most of my nights at home and would like to start playing in leagues or tournaments online without spending time away from my family at bars and pubs. I see a lot of support on forum for the granboards but the space i have isnt really condusive to addeing a minitor or laptop to connect. With watching Darren's review of the Target Nexus being an all in one unit it encourages me. But i dont see alit of comments reviews or ways to connect to online leagues or tournaments. Whats the the opiniin of all the Darts Nutz?

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The boards will work with a smartphone connection so you will not have to add a monitor or use a laptop. Your phone does not even need to be next to the board. 

Be sure to add VDarts to your list...
Hidarts has a tournament (nearly?) every sunday. Think they do leagues too.
I was faced with the same decision a year ago.

And I am still very satisfied with my choice for the GranBoard 3.

Worked perfectly from the start and there are always online opponents.

HiDarts is said to be the best board on the market...I heard. I don't know it personally.

I think that the Nexus will play a big role in the long run, still the community is manageable. But it hasn't been on the market long.
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After a long time considering many factors (less than a day) I pulled the trigger and ordered a Gran board 3. While also upgrading to a blade 5 duo core for steel tip.

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I too am poundering which online board will suit my needs wants. At the moment I am leaning towards the Grand Board 3, although the fancy light up segments of the Vdarts board are real enticing, looks just like the LiveDarts dart machines.
I am not happy with the quality of the gran board or the support, but Hi-darts is out of stock... I am thinking about pulling the trigger on the Nexus myself.  Checking out Hi Darts page, they do have pop-up tournaments and leagues weekly.   Hi darts also has a board that is made like the ones at the pubs, so if you can get one, it will last a long time.
Having tried them all, I would lean more toward the Gran Board than the Nexus, the darts live connection and app is not great... I fI was on their development team I would be trying to fix those bugs. Yes nexus has its own screen but its not like you can move it - and some of my friends found it off putting there. To be honest who dosen't own a smart phone or ipad?
When you want to replace sections or clear out broken points I found the Gran Board won hands down.
Btw, Gran board via Facebook, has weekly leagues, nightly money, and non money tournaments if that's your fancy? The GB group has 7,800+ members great community for the most part.???

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