Voks Darts - Soft Steel - Spirit Darts
Awesome, I will try it now...

Another Voks favorite, which is happily still in my collection.  I think this little sucker is steel but I cannot be sure.  Ain't tungsten, ain't brass.

[Image: IMG_1142.jpg]
lol - looks good.

Edit:  And made a little change in your choice of pronouns.
Just wanted to add an update, after giving the new tips a good run. They got their heat-treat correct. I’ve had some hardcore bounce outs off the wire, and no deformation to the tips.

So, the big advantage for the soft-steel darts, is the versatility. The ability to adjust weight, in a non-complicated manor, is a very nice. And being able to switch to soft tip, makes them an all-in-one package.

And...here’s the only real downside:

- If you need to change the tips (soft-tip) while in a pub, on stage or sitting at the bar during a break between games. You have to completely disassembled the dart to make the change, and there’s a REALLY little spring that could easily be lost. Let’s face it, most bars and pubs don’t have the best lighting...good luck finding that spring if you drop it. Always (AND I MEAN ALWAYS) have spare springs.

Chuck some tungsten and have a great day!
[Image: un8EQyk.jpg]

Steel-Tip Darts:  Bottelsen Precision Grip Hammerheads (23 Gram)
                         L-Style Carbon Shafts (190)
                         L-Style Flights, Blue, Standard 

Soft-Tip Darts:  Bottelsen Precision Grip (20 Gram)
                        L-Style Carbon Shafts (190)
                        L-Style Flights, Black, Standard

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