Your darts dream team
Hello everyone 

If you could choose any 8 darts players for your team who would it be? Let’s say 4 active players and 4 from the past/legends, alive or not. 

Mine would be MvG, Gary Anderson, Adrian Lewis and Peter Wright.
And the four from the past would be Eric Bristow, Phil Taylor, Dennis Priestley and Jocky Wilson. 

I would love to see what you all say!
Hey Barrels good thread.

Current 4 would be have to be MvG, Anderson, Whitlock (of course), Beaton
and blast from the past would have to be, Priestley, Manley (his gamesmanship borders the lines but was a great player), Taylor, Part
Difficult to choose just 4 current and 4 from the past, so I went with some of my favourites and would be a good laugh hearing their stories

Current - Steve Beaton, Tony O'Shea, Darryl Fitton, Ricky Evans (my concession to the young guns)
Past - Leighton Rees, Jocky Wilson, Bobby George, Wayne Mardle

On the subs bench in case Ricky was too busy dancing to Baby Shark lol - Andy Fordham
My current 4 would be: MvG, Gary Anderson, Michael Smith, and Mensur Suljovic.

My past / legends would be: Eric Bristow, John Lowe, Jocky Wilson, and Dave Whitcombe.
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If it's just preference, then Wade, Oreshkin, Darin Young and Danny Lauby for current (all lefties). If I'm trying to complete a team of all-time greats, then Taylor, MvG, Anderson and Barney.

Past players for either squad would be Rees, Bristow, Lowe and Priestley.

Mine would be: De Zwaan, Chisnall, Adrian Lewis and VD Bergh

And: Tony Martin, Andy Fordham, Erik Clarys and Bert Vlaardingerbroek
Current: Dimitri Van Den Berg, Simon Whitlock, Michael Smith, Gary Anderson

Past: Priestly, Bristow, Taylor, Fordham
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Past , Alan Evans, Leighton Rees, John Lowe, Bill Lennard, current, MvG,  Anderson, chizzy, Durrant
Current: MVG, Adrian Lewis, Menzies, Bunting

Alumni: Manley, Lowe, Nicholson(kind of), Lloyd

Wildcard: RVB, naturally.
maybe revive the Internationals Past- Eric Bristow, Leighton Reese. Jocky Wilson, Steve Brennan
Present, Rob Cross, Gerwyn Price, Ronnie Baxter, Daryl Gurney
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