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Hi, just joined up after reading on here for a while, and need some pointers. I have been playing darts for 40 + years, never seriously , just a few games of 501 in the pub, was never very good & rarely consistent but it never bothered me. Now I have more time on my hands I decided I'd delve a little deeper into the sport/game ? and think about improving. First off, what darts, ie, shape/weight etc as at the moment my darts are 40 years old so may be a time to change,they are approx 21 grams, tungsten and all I remember is getting them from my mum's Marshall Ward catalogue, and they cost a small fortune, but trying out different types would either mean buying several sets or find a shop that lets you try before you buy, so, does anyone in the UK or anywhere else know of a shop like that, preferably South London/Surrey/Kent way ? Once that is sorted it will then be on to grip/release etc, as all I have done in the past is pick up a dart, aim & throw and that's it.Cheers.
The only dart shop where you can try-before-you-buy I am aware of anywhere near London is Darts GB in North London (189 Baker St, Enfield EN1 3JT, It's a very small shop [blink and you'll walk right past it] but they do have a decent selection of darts on hand and a dartboard to try them out on.
You're so lucky to have a local shop. Count your blessings.

Good luck sorting out your project

I'm not sure I would rush into getting any new darts right away unless there is something really obviously 'wrong' with the way your existing ones perform or feel.

Probably better to spend a bit of time 'getting better aquainted' with the ones you have got - this should make it easier to know if any 'new' ones you try are better or worse than your existing darts.

Also, new shafts (different length, different materials/weights) and new flights (different shapes, different thicknesses) can make a fair difference to how well your darts work, however you can buy many, many sets of shafts and flights for the cost of a new set of darts, so before you buy new darts it is worth buying a selection of different length shafts and different shape flights (which you can do via mail order/internet) and see if you can 'tune' your existing setup before you ditch it.

Quote:... all I have done in the past is pick up a dart, aim & throw and that's it ...

That's what it's all about! :Smile If you can keep that relaxed attitude while upping the rate of practice then you'll go far IMHO.
Hitting 26 with regularity.
There are some very good darts for very little money available from the forum sponsors Darts Clearance, link at the bottom of the page. It could be worth trying a couple of sets from there, they start at £10 with free next day delivery and you can always sell or swap them on the forum if they're not for you (or do the Nutz thing and keep them all and start a collection!!)

Obviously I don't know where you grip etc. but these are a few of my favourites...
Monster Helios 3 22g
One80 Vice stems
Black shape L Style flights 
Gold champagne caps 
Thanks for the replies, I have just been into a local sports shop, been in my town as long as I can remember, and found that they have a selection of darts. mainly Harrows, that they were only too pleased to let me open packs & try them on a board, ended up buying a set of 26 gram assassins, paid top dollar, but these small shops are endangered so I was not too fussed. I also won some more darts on ebay, four sets, different weights/shapes so next stop is a board at home & have a practice.

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