RIP Albert Finney
Ayup Comrades

British acting legend Albert Finney has died aged 82.
The Original angry young man, RIP.
Only watched him last night in Skyfall!

Sad to hear.  May he rest in peace.
- Red

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Sad news my condolences to his family
Great actor in both film and on stage - RIP Albert
Sad loss of such a great talent, RIP Albert.
This is still one of my favourite films of all time - when I was a young man this character really resonated with me. Rest In Peace Albert and thanks.

Yeah great film, great actor, R.I.P.
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Best Scrooge ever ... R.I.P.
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Loved him in "Erin Brockovich" and when he played the elder Edward Bloom in "Big Fish". He was also very good in "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead" even though it was a relatively small part, and one in a very dark movie.

He had a long career and was in many good movies.

RIP Mr. Finney
RIP, a great actor who never won an Oscar despite being nominated 5 times!
My favourite film of his was Murder on the Orient Express, but that was mainly because it had Ingrid Bergman in it, lol.
He had the best line in Skyfall too when he called Bond a 'jumped up little s%#t' haha. Always makes me laugh.

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