Hitting high versus low?
If you feel comfortable with your throw and stance, maybe look at changing the weight.
Just watched this, courtesy of Chris the fish



Don’t drop your elbow,

Lean your down/ forward with your torso @ and keep your arm, straight As usual. Allowing you to aim down without adjusting throwing arm! Torso straighten up / lean back for tops, lean forward /down for botttoms. Works for this guy!!!
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i think I have it mentally in my head that I'm better at the bottom outs than the tops and I think that messes with me.
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I don't think there is a right or wrong. My arm and release is probably slightly different at aiming high vs low.
Over time and with practise, your brain will figure out what adjustments it needs to make. You do need to practise on the lower half of the board too.
I normally warm up on D20, D3, D11, D6 and Bull. This gets my ranges dialled in.
Then a few mins of A1 from S15 to S20 just to make sure I am grouping reasonably well.
But as I say, your brain will figure out how and will naturally do its best for you.
When you overthink throws and release points etc, it all goes to pot.
When going for the double 3 I always hit high. So I started backing up about 2 inches from the oche and throwing normal and it seems to work great. Haven't hand a chance to try it in competition so the true test hasn't been done yet. As far as the lower numbers...7,19,17 and 2 I found leaning forward and down a little works great. Why those and the 3 are different in my mind I have no idea but my mind is a terrible place and I won't go there...lol
don’t think (hope) my arm doesn’t change too much, but I’m pretty sure I lean over forward when I go low.

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