Hitting high versus low?
What do you change to go from hitting the double 20 to hitting the double 3 and vice versa? Do you change your release point? Do you position your elbow higher or lower?
I'm quite tall, so I actually crouch down a bit lol
I kind of lean forward a little bit. But I don't guess I think too much about it. Maybe I ought to?
I line up all my shots with my arm out stretched and the top of my flight in line with the target and my eye. Then I just draw back and throw.
Not sure if this locks my elbow at the best elevation angle but it feels like the same throwing action to me - The obvious trick is to look exactly where you want the dart to land.
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Maintain your aiming arm, that same set up you do but when you do a different target, shift your stance or posture, but keep your aim always straight.

This high vs low thing was the basis of a training game I made for myself on the soft tip board. I call it Opposites or HiLo. Example of a round goes like this, first dart hits single 20, the next dart should then go to single 3, and last dart is a bull. I go again this time for their doubles and then trebles. If anytime I miss, I start the pattern again. It goes on for the rest of the numbers, like 1 and 19, 6 & 11 etc. It's a game where I must adapt to new directions, and also make my shots count.
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I used to do this same routine and it took me all day. LOL Was a good one though
Slight bend from your torso IMO is best and it's just a slight adjustment too.
I raise my elbow up and down and then it always seems to get in my head that I hate the 18 so ill end up missing those in cricket.
I bend forward a little bit.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me ..... I find bliss in my confusion.   

I bend forward just a tiny bit and slightly lower my elbow.
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