MvG - NU Sport interview
It would be ridiculous if MvG were to try to make out he's anything other than the odds on favourite in any match. He probably get bagged if he did try it given his ranking and his record!

Darts: Harrows Glen Durrant Duzza Series 2 24g, short Harrows Supergrip shafts, Harrows flights (Marathon/Retina/Optix/Rapide) 

Best 501: 13 darts (League), 14 darts (Pro Darter)

Best Checkout: 154 (League), 160 (Pro Darter)
I guess it's somewhat Bristow like his quip at the beginning of the comp of "what are you lot here for ? the money & the trophy's mine I don't know why we are bothering to play I might as well take the winnings now & save a lot of bother ( with selected expletives )& he very rarely got picked up on it possibly down to body/voice demeanor

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