Hello, New Here ?
Hello and welcome to the forums, great introduction Smile
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Welcome maco... you seem to have it all sussed out and know exactly what to do!!!..... enjoy the forum nd goes without saying you enjoy your darts!!!..... hope rest of super league season goes well,for you!!..... fantastic introduction by the way
Thanks for all the warm welcomes.

My name is Mark, and my login name was intended to be MacOCD because I do a lot with MAC computers and I’m pretty OCD about everything I do.

One OCD problem I’m having is that I accidentally registered as MacoCD & not MacOCD Big Grin

I tweak my darts setup fairly regularly, but think I’m just about there now.  I’m loving the CueSoul Tera flights & stems that I’ve recently switch to from L-Style Sikent Spinners which we’re still a little “rattley”. 

I’ll start another thread about that once I’ve had a bit more time with them.
I corrected your username for you Smile

Welcome to the forum, sounds like your a natural, should have started years ago! Smile
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Welcome to the forum.  [Image: smile.gif]
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Thank you for that Getagrip. 

Actually I wouldn’t say I’m a natural at all, I think my wife is.

I put in lots of work to get quite good, her throw was textbook from the start.
When we had been playing a little under 2 years we went to DartsGB to get some help choosing new darts, Paul Michael was running it at the time & he was incredibly generous with his time.

After giving us different shapes of darts to try & watching how they flew for us he gave us different weights.  Once we’d got sorted with some darts he watched how we threw & gave us some advice.

For me it was:
Keep your head still, you’re  lifting your back leg a bit, stop that, try standing a little more sideways, don’t lean so much...

For my wife, he watched her throw & said “Do that”.

I won the local pub league singles knockout tournament after Paul’s advice, when I had only been playing darts less than 2 years.  That got me into The Champion of Champions where I played well but only took 1 leg in the first round.

Helen regularly beats people up in division 1 of our local League where we play for a pint, but she doesn’t drink.  One week a guy drew Helen & said “I can’t take a drink of a bloody woman”.  After losing the match, in which Helen did a 14 darter, I said to him “No, youre right... you can’t take a drink off a bloody woman”.

I’m her biggest fan.

There’s not a lot of difference in our level of ability, my stats are higher and I have the edge in my opinion, but there are less women that good so she’s County A, near the top of the Superleague, and I’m working hard trying to get good enough to be worthy of consideration. I’m not there yet.

I do agree we should have taken up darts 30 years earlier though.
Welcome to the forum, great intro, like a good book, I wanted to read more and more.
welcome along Mac,i've hit 2 170's on a practice board
but not on a normal sized one (yet) lol
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hello and welcome to the group
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