2019 Bauhaus Dutch Open
Well played Veenstra. It's interesting what darts he's using. Looks like the cheapest darts you could find. Serving perfectly though.
Not sure they can be classed as cheap - he is sponsored by d'art9 and they are around €70 the last time I looked
(02-03-2019, 05:56 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Not sure they can be classed as cheap - he is sponsored by d'art9 and they are around €70 the last time I looked

They feel like pretty high quality darts too. They have an M3 rear end though but you get a 2ba converter with it, makes them look a little funny if you don't use m3 stems however.
They just looked fat. I didn't mean they WERE cheap. Just a bit surprising to see such a shape. And the stream didn't do justice to them. All I remember that he's always used this type of flights. Here's a nice video review of his darts. Look quite good, to be fair. I just don't like the M3 system. The M3 nylons were the most brittle stems I've ever had.

It's great seeing Suzuki playing because quite frankly, all of the other Ladies I have watched today have been shocking.
[Image: 5GPKrWp.png]

B: 25g   S: Medium   F: Standard   180s: 1/25

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