2019 Players Championship
Just seen this on twitter

[Image: wbMlOyc.jpg]

Don't know if Dan Dawson has mentioned it in his comms today as he asked Madars who it was, but apparently it was Mark Barilli - I'm guessing the D17 was meant for the treble, if so what a great recovery shot
Bit of a damp squib the final - Wright takes the last PC event of the year with an 8-1 scoreline
(10-15-2019, 05:33 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Bit of a damp squib the final - Wright takes the last PC event of the year with an 8-1 scoreline

Well, that was a thorough beating by the scoreline.    I didn't see the last match when I got busy in the kitchen between cooking chicken noodle soup and finishing off a batch of boiled peanuts for snacking on.
After his scoring yesterday it seems only right that Wright wins something this round Smile
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I just watched the final on YouTube .... it was pretty much a mercy killing.
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