Can't settle on a throw
Hi all, new to this forum but really enjoy reading everyone input on different subjects.

I am in my third season playing for a pub team, I really enjoy playing competitive darts and look forward to it every week. However I analyse everything and constantly changing things about my throw to try and become better and more consistent, but I can never settle on a way to throw.

For example, I am right handed but left eye dominant, I constantly struggle with where I should stand and the best way to aim and throw because of this. 

I also keep changing where I start the whole process, in terms of if I want the dart close to my face, or further away, I still can't make up my mind where to draw the dart back to either, to the cheek, shoulder, under the jaw, no matter what I don't seem to be able to b3come more constantant for very long, so I change to try and find the right combination.

And also with my elbow alignment, trying to keep it dead straight causes my arm to ache after throwing for a while, yet too far or relaxed and I feel it is not aligned properly as to throw straight it should be straight if that makes sense? 

Any advice on any of this would be much appreciated as it does make darts less enjoyable constantly thinking about the different aspects of my throw.

(01-29-2019, 02:00 PM)Danny Giles Wrote: For example, I am right handed but left eye dominant, I constantly struggle with where I should stand and the best way to aim and throw because of this. 

I also keep changing where I start the whole process, in terms of if I want the dart close to my face, or further away, I still can't make up my mind where to draw the dart back to either, to the cheek, shoulder, under the jaw, no matter what I don't seem to be able to b3come more constantant for very long, so I change to try and find the right combination.

Theese two paragraphs sums up my life perfectly!

I will follow this thread with great interest

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First, welcome to the forum.  

Your throw is so individual that universal answers are highly unlikely.  Of all the various mechanics involved, only a few can be characterized as "must haves" IMO.  If it hurts, that's bad.  You need a solid stance or base.  You should follow through.  That's most of my short list.

Here's a few recent threads on the subject.  Lots more if you want to dig via search:

Good luck!
Very much appreciated thank you
Well just described me and probably a boatload of others. Here's my thoughts on this and I'm probably more wrong than right but that's the way MY thoughts usually go.....anyway ( when I use the word "you", it means all of us in this situation)....I think your talent has brought you this far. You've worked hard and got to this point. Basically you have the ability to throw decent darts no matter what style you choose and probably with any dart you like. Now is when the work have to pick a style and stick to it, honing it to the level you want to be at.Some days/games will be awesome...others...not so much but you will get there if you put the work in.
 I didn't mean to offend anyone nor imply anything by the above....just trying to make sense...if that's possible with my aging
Shoot well and luck!!!
Thank you
Danny , the only advice I can offer is find a stance and throwing style / technique that is natural and comfortable for you , something repeatable , that doesn't involve contorting yourself and causing discomfort.
I'm old , with many broken bones and encroaching arthritis , so I use a style / technique that is comfortable and easily repeatable for me.
As for throwing technique , see what comes easiest to you , stick with it , and eventually your darts will (mostly ) go where you're looking at the board.
hi Danny,thinking about the aspects of your throw however unenjoyable will help you to find your throw
darts afterall is a work in progress.
clearly you've been playing for a while. if you find something comfortable persevere even through the results may not be great to start
consistecy is the key good luck
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in regards to the original posters title on the thread...
I have been having recent trouble here.

I spent the better part of a month now , learning to throw darts while aiming through the dart and focusing with the dart in front of my face. I had been doing it with success for the first while , it was unnatural for a bit but Now it’s second nature to hold the dart up, let my eyes focus into one vision and draw back and push forward ......for the last week or so though I was not happy with what id been throwing, and I changed my dart set up two ,one straight barrel and one front loaded..So i assume my error was playing with two different style darts.

However I just discovered tonight, out of curiosity, that I would try throwing my darts like when I did  when I started the very first time. I would just throw relying on my hand eye coordination, not lining anything up, and throwing from to the right of my head by my temple.....I was throwing the darts effortlessly into the 20 bed, quickly with rythm......I can tell there isn’t as much control as when I had been focusing and aiming in the past....but it’s required a lot of effort.....I’m now torn between the two....perhaps I will have to find a way to incorporate the two throws....but I was just blown away because for the  last few nights practicing while aiming and taking my time I was all over the board ( I had changed a few bits on my darts ) and then out of no where I can just chuck the darts from over my head grouping in and around the treble bed .....
These guys I aimed but after about an hour of throwing, I was happy to hit a 140  , that’s how long it’s taking me Tom warm up, and by then I’m  drained, I think I may try my next session with just chucking the darts using my hand eye coordination and less sightline .
Finding that place between not over thinking, but not perpetuating bad habits, is a tough balancing act for me personally.  I've yet to find it really, but overall my consistency has improved. So I know there's some light at the end of the tunnel.  I still throw best when in a rhythm, with little conscious thought.  But think that balance is so unique to each of us, we need to find it on our own.

You may be on the edge of something here, so don't analyze it too hard.  If it works, just go with it.  You may find all the work on technique you've invested will come out without having to force it.  Or as you say, incorporating the two. Wink

Good luck Calix...
Finding a good, consistent throw = hardest thing in darts.

I find even when everything clicks and I think I've got it, a few days later I won't be able to replicate the same throw. 

I've tried to incorporate loads of things I've found in various threads and at the end of the day I think I need to stop overthinking things, find a comfortable throw and stick with it. From all the replies on here, you're definitely not alone Danny, I would say as far as bring the dart back etc. Just stick to whatever feels most comfortable and good luck!
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Thank you everyone for your comments...

I am slowly developing some consistency in my throw, even if it does not always show in my scoring haha...

I know I definitely overthink, and I hope one day I just get fed up of doing it and stop
Basically described me to a T. Same thoughts,styles and outcomes. Dart in front or to the side? Works great then it doesn't. I do find though that throwing from the side ( Jedi Style) works well at home when your relaxed. It takes massive amounts of trust to throw this way especially when going for a double. Having said all that, I have no advice for you but I will be watching this thread. Luck to you!
I played both sides of the spectrum tonight - as I was sticking with one dart set up and one technique for close to a month and I was slipping on my desired results .......

Tonight , I tried just lobbing the darts super lightly with minimal aiming and just using the first dart as a marker   ,Which usually landed in the bed I was aiming ,  it was working very well and fairly consistent, I tried this going for tops and hit it no problems. and tried a few 18s and was on point hitting treble and double with basic hand eye.

. My usual throw is a very firm push and spin from carefully sighted aim ....but after experimenting tonight. I have changed darts , stems , and am throwing a very relaxed style . Barely pushing the darts through the air to hit the just had me thinking, maybe my hand eye coordination is actually BETTER than my visual aiming technique.ive tried interlooping the two slightly . It will take time , nothing is going to change over night. As long as I keep having fun. And the best part is, I finally got my fiancée to start taking it seriously and throwing some darts with me, playing “ around the clock” lol yesterday she was hitting the wall and ceiling , and today she’s getting all three darts to the board . So pretty stoked to have someone to practice a little bit with .

Conclusion - It all really is just finding out what doesn’t work and what is comfortable to you  and sticking with it. But don’t NOT try something because it’s not popular or is...e.g. don’t stand a certain way because a YouTube video suggested it, try it all and see what works and what is comfortable ..

Good point Baloos about the throwing style of hand eye coordination (jedi)  while at home and being relaxed VS competing or playing in a pub.

I think(hope) what it all boils down to is after having mixed it all up a bit and trying a few different techniques and hopefully taking the good from each one, and being left with a little bit of confidence in the end, and one day down the road in a few years I will have a delicate masterful throwing style , curated from hours of experimentation and patience. Lol! Because darts is definitely not IN MY blood , but it will be in my heart and mind.
Well, you are not alone, I tell you!

I have been caught between two slightly different throws for ages. One where I start with the dart way ahead of me, and one where I start with the dart fairly close to my face..

Yesterday, a really great female player in my club suggested that I should try to throw a few darts without stopping for a «aim and set» at all, just throw all three in one fluid motion (think MVG, Michael Smith etc.).

I was relictant because I have a huge tournament coming up this weekend and want to perform my best.

Anyway, today I tried a few darts, and after like 3 minutes this happened...

[Image: 4208bbfb118bd365670d01e7c48d2276.jpg]

Yeah, right, like I wasn’t confused enough ad it was? So, now I am cought within THREE throws.. Even better, Huh?

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