Unicorn eclipse pro
A few months ago I was given a unicorn eclipse pro as a gift however when I got it up I discovered the bull was off center . The person I got it off could not find the receipt so I could not take it back. I emailed unicorn but the have never replied to any of my emails do I just buy myself a new one or does anyone have any other suggestions 
Thanks in advance
That's pretty much the main reason why I always preferred other brands than Eclipse Pro. I've heard and seen many times about this bullseye issue. Actually I think that Exclipses were the only dartboards that I repeatedly saw with the off center bulls.

I won this dartboard a year and a half ago and it was perfect. I guess though it was personally selected by the seller who was sponsor of that tournament.

If you were given this dartboard a few months ago, than I reckon you can live with that somehow and next time you may buy something else. The longevity of this dartboard was about a year in my case.
I bought two of them years ago and the bullseye on both was well off centre!! Although the Eclipse 2 HD is spot on.
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I also bought a Unicorn Eclipse board years ago to try after my trusty old Blade 2 had finally given up.

My Eclipse was an awful board, the bull was off centre, some of the segments started to bulge after a few months and then the wire/spider started to come out of the board. Bought the Blade 3 shortly after that and have stuck with Winmau Blade boards ever since.

I'd recommend getting the Blade 5.
I have an Eclipse pro board with the bull off centre as well...
I've been thinking of buying a gladiator 3 board as a replacement.
What's your take on this board?
Thought I was just unlucky but sounds like it’s a real issue 
Time to look for a new board
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For discussion on boards, check dartboard chat:


And dartboard reviews:


Lot's of info, so get ready for some reading!  Tongue
Thanks reading through that should keep me busy for a while
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RegisterThanks. I'll catch up on that stuff as soon as I can
Thanks for all the input been and got myself a blade 5  Smile

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