Voks Tornado Points different width?
Hello everyone,

I have a problem and i hope someone could help me fix this.

Two weeks ago one of the points of my Voks Knight Kings bent at a bounce out and as these are the grooved ones and they are painfully hard to pull out of the board i decided to repoint the whole set with smooth ones.

Fast forward today i got the several sets i ordered and went to repointing the darts which seemingly went well but on the first throw two of them simply didnt keep the point in when drawing out of the board.

After looking more closely at the new and old points i saw that the new ones are considerably less wide at the same length.

The other sets of smooths i bought are all the same width so i figure the grooved ones which were in are wider. At least two of them as one seems to be the same width as the new ones.

Now my question. Is that normal? What can i do about it? Do i have to file a complaint and send back the darts or the points?

I read somewhere but couldnt find it that glue could help but they are very loose so im not sure there.

Thanks in advance for the answers.
I think the best solution is to use loctite, the blue one.
Different points, even from the same brand, can have slightly different diameters. Stupid, but it is, like it is...
Thanks i will try it with the glue. Hope it helps.
Even if you do use the glue I would email Voks and let them know. Wouldn't want someone else to have that issue...
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I did they responded very fast and said pretty much the same. I should rough up the end of the point a bit and use a bit glue.

And thanks again for the advice it worked good they seem to be holding now and i can throw 26s again so everything back to normal i guess.
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How are the points holding up? If you still have problems I don't have a problem using a micrometer to find the absolute largest I have and swap them out for you.
@ VOKSDARTS nice follow up, looks like great customer service.
Looking to switch to these points from Target Nano Storm points which I haven’t found to be overly durable. Not sure I’d be happy using superglue on my custom made darts though.
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RegisterI ended up asking that my customs be made to fit them perfectly to avoid just that. FWIW loctite is easily removable.

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RegisterI glued all mine with gorilla glue, not budged since ??
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