Gerwyn Price fined £21,500 and given a suspended three-month ban
(01-23-2019, 03:09 PM)Getagrip Wrote: thats a big un!

(they say that to me often)

Ah, so you've obviously gone well beyond "Little white lies" then.     rofl
A bit harsh imo but they needed to act in some way or it would have progressively got worse. He did go overboard against Gary but in the same breath Gary still pushed him. He was provoked granted but he shouldn't have reacted the way he did. The only reason he got away with it is because the dummy would have been thrown out the pram otherwise (as it has done in the past). And this coming from big Gary Anderson fan.
Well, the guys been flirting with having something happen like this for a while now in my opinion. The more he seemed to get away with, the more he seemed to escalate it until he went too far.

That should get his attention because there's nothing like a big hit to the wallet and a temporary ban from earning more revenue to get a person thinking their actions may need some moderation.
I can't stand gary anderson, I think gerwyn summed it up well by saying no one complains when he loses. 

The sport will end up extremely sterile if they keep chipping away at the players in this way.
So next time someone puts hands on price he might as well just flatten them because he’s gonna get a fine anyways. I can’t stand price however there’s over celebrating which is annoying but it’s part of the game as many get away with it....putting your hands on another player is a big no no....Lewis pushed the Spanish fellas and have him some verbal and got a should be the same for ando

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I'm not really sure why there is such a heavy fine for Price over-celebrating while the audience is encouraged to behave in a similarly over exuberant manner. They fuel each other, but the PDC fails to appreciate that. Anderson should have received the heavier fine for that particular match IMO.
Seems rather excessive fine wise for Price, although he does seem to over do it quite a lot. Anderson shoving should him should have drawn a stiffer penalty for sure. I agree with Adrian Lewis incident as the precedent on Anderson. Regardless, all the behavior a little over the top.
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Definitely a double standard going on here.

But hey, that's similar to other fines I've seen in pro sports so really nothing new.
(01-23-2019, 09:46 PM)AD18 Wrote:   I agree with Adrian Lewis incident as the precedent on Anderson.  Regardless, all the behavior a little over the top.

I don't see the two being close to the same as far as intent.   Lewis spit the bit and actually went after the guy he was playing.  Ando simply put his hand on Price's back to keep him from coming back into the exclusion zone after he looked to be heading to the board to retrieve his darts but decided to give it a go with the crowd and stepped back toward Ando.

Ando's issue is he's very quick to the line, and opponents know that.   I've often seen him throwing his dart while his opponent is still well within eyesight before heading toward the back of the stage behind the oche.    Why he gets put off by some players using stall tactics is beyond me since he knows it's part of the game some will play to throw him off.
Anyone else heard it's not that excessive? Hearing it's only around 5k. Even john Lowe has said the total 21.5k is not quite true.
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