GA WC P3 25G- unboxing :)
(01-20-2019, 12:07 PM)Richa Wrote: You have a great attitude to making them work

Thanks!!! Haha , I put the effort in to stick with them, only 2–3 nights of half hour -hour.

I am hooked!! I absolutely love them.

They are forcing me to become a better player. I am forced To spin my darts and concentrate much more on my throwing, I am sticking T20s like never before and grouping very well. I see potential.

My game is changed completely, I am hitting check outs I never Even tried before. With practice. They are giving confidence ! Hitting T17s D16s, T19s D8s .
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Took the blue paint off my GA’s.

A little started to come off, + I read the paint makes the dart less grippy.

I cleaned them, then tried some nail polish on the paint, cleaned them again. I have not been in the dungeon yet to toss them and see if I noticed any Improvements Smile

[Image: 8xlymnP.jpg][Image: 75eC8Wo.jpg]

And I cleaned my Designa Extreme too
Might as we’ll share pic of them, 

[Image: SEjDJqj.jpg]
Used warm water and dish detergent this time, then soap and warm water .
Results are very good. Very grippy. A bit dry feeling, that could be my hands though.

On another note. I changed my throw technique just now....from a push. To a pendulum type draw back and a bounce forward from my bicep ...a bit uncomfortable at first, but I was getting 2 t20s every 3-4 visits to the oche. Much better than I have being experiencing lately.....I didn’t Get a chance to try any other numbers on the board though....I hate to keep changing my throw technique. But results are necessary ....!
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

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