Unicorn XL Ti Shafts - Read this before you buy.
Thanks for the info
I was thinking about getting some titanium shafts.
Since I already have trouble getting flights in normal aluminium shafts, I'd rather not.
My board hangs over in a room with a tiled floor that likes to eat nylon shafts for breakfast.
After posting this information I decided to cut the prongs off one of the shafts to determine if the machining burrs were evident down the internal lengths of the prongs.
Cutting these prongs with a hacksaw showed me just how tough Titanium is and also how much heat the cutting process produced.

All prongs showed machining burrs along one side of each prong, but not as severe as at the flight entry point.

I am convinced that with a few modifications these stems would work. I plan to file a small chamfer across the flight entry grooves to remove the burrs. I will then lightly hone the entry hole to remove the burrs around the rim of this hole. Once this is done and with all burrs at the flight entry point removed combined with the chanfered edge I will cut off the point of a flight making it flat and 4mm wide. This will enable the flight be able to be fitted all the way to the bottom of the flight grooves making dislodgement of the flight much harder.

This would solve the two main problems with these flights.

I am not sure how the grooves in these flights were machined, the prongs showed a circular machining pattern. I am thinking they may have been ground.
The burrs in these shafts ruin a potentially good shaft, the heat generated in the machining process probably contribute to the burring. I am convinced that with a little thought by Unicorn and a modified machining process the problems associated with these shafts could be overcome.

Come on Unicorn, fix this problem for the benefit of us all.
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I have the medium ones. They came with the Unicorn Hero darts. At first I was considering the purchase of the short ones as these medium are too long (longer than common nylons). However, due to the fact I didn't like how flights sat in the prongs and how hard it was to use them I decided not to buy them in the end. Later on I got another set with another Hero darts and when I was selling these darts to a mate I gave him these stems even though I didn't have to because I really didn't expect to use them anymore. I mean I could have two sets of expensive shafts and maybe I could find three stems out of six that wouldn't be bad...

BTW, the Harrows Keramic shafts seem to be the closest match to these and they're lighter and yet durable. In the times when I was using metal stems I prefered the types where flights sit deeper in th stem- like Harrows Savage or Atlantis.

I also used to use the titanim Target Power Shafts Gen 1. The top was made of aluminium and replaceble. I bought a few sets. They either burst in the titanium base or the alu tops were damaged by the sharp thread in that base. I liked them much more though.

Now I've got titanium cosmo shafts. That's a different universe... Still pretty heavy though.
I use the XL Ti DNA stems that came with my Unicorn Luminas, and I find them easy to put flights in unless they have been used before, have still managed a few robin hood's and bent the tops slightly, but quick pliers to fix and their fine again.

I also bought 2 spare sets new from someone cheap on Facebook as they're normally very expensive to buy new, and these darts only fly nicely for me when using these stems.

Am I right in thinking from your first post that you bought 5 sets at $20 a set? Or did you mean you used 1 set on 5 different sets of darts? If its the former does that mean you spent $100 on stems?

I have never had problems putting flights into the XL Ti stems either, I have had a few sets over the years too, I just got a set out my drawer and tried various flights and they all went in easy, some took a fair bit of force to pull back out again also and some came out easy so guess they were different thickness of flight but most of them are 100 micron which seem to be fine. The flights that come with the Lumina go in easy and come out easy though. The 100 micron Nutz flights go in easy but stay in tight as do the the designa flights I tried and as does the Harrows Prime flights.

I just dont like Ti stems for the same reason I dont like alloy stems, if the tines get bent they are no good.
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RegisterNo worries yeah. I've avoid metal stems since my early days, back around late 2017 to early 2018 or so. It was an insane and in hindsight, awful set up for my RVB95s. Medium Aztec stems, standard size Harrows Marathon flights, and I was a front gripper. It did help improve my flight at times, that is until the Aztecs began to bend and break apart, not to mention tear the flights over time. I then stayed with Supergrip and ProGrip stems and have maintained since.

If you want to try other metal stems, there's also the Accurate Flight System. It's lightweight, durable and has an interesting locked molded flight. I've used it a few times, while it wasn't suited for my throw and dart, I can't deny its a quality product.

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I still think that this all gets back to the fact that aluminum stems are just not worth their weight and hassles experienced. It's been well documented on this forum, at least, that they are bad all around.
when I first started to play I used aluminum and quickly discovered they were crap and then put them all to good use marking seed bulbs in the garden.
I've had the opposite experience. The Unicorn Titanium shaft are my favorite shaft. It  is possible you may have a bad batch. Unicorn has been guilty of bad quality control before. My XL shafts bought from Dartscorners are machined perfectly. The flights (100 Micron) slide in snuggly. I have had the opposite experience for with other brands aluminum stems. With other brands, I have to pry them open with a razor blade.
Think I'll stick to my £0.15 nylon stems.
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If like other micro slotting it's done with a diamond coated slitting disc

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