Standard Flights: Quick review/opinions
Hey all! On a year of time or so, i have tested many different brands standard flights and thought i share my opinions on them.
i prefer  thicker flights which will hold their 90 degrees angles and are durable.

Pentathlon standard 100micron: Very durable and good quality flight, i use them punched and they hold their shape very well!

Pentathlon standard 150 micron: even better! but because they are so hard and dont bent out of the way so easyli when grouping, they get smashed and look bad pretty fast, but they still fly great and hold their shape very well! this is my newest favorite. 5/5

One80 standard flights: tested a few, and these are the worst i have ever tried.. they break very easily! and the quality is so poor that you can easily rip then to pieces by pullin from wings.. i dont recommend these, theres cheaper flights better quality.

Amazon standard: very good and affordable flights. they dont hold their shape perfectly for long, but if you dont have ocd, these will do fine. good standard flight.

Amazon standard transparent: i found that these feel a bit stronger than the standard plain colour amazon flights, hold their shape a bit better but still nothing special here, just a good normal flight.

Fabric flights: i only tested one set. bad. if you want to try them out, i suggest you dont buy alot before trying them out. my experience was bad. i punched them(mistake) and tried to put them on stems, they didnt go far in to the stem and went really warpy. i had to throw them in to trash. i can imagine that these would last long, but i cant see them holding their shape at all.

Harrows Supergrip no6: very good flight. durable and holds their shape very very well. they are hard so the end of the flights will look trashed after a few games, but they can be used for many many games before they break.

Harrows Retina no6: good standard flights. these dont hold their shape as well as supergrips but can be used. good normal flights.

Harrows sonic no6: strong and good flights, hold their shape pretty good.

Robson standard: personally they work like they should i think, very cool desing, but they dont work for me. for close groupings, i get alot bounce outs because they are simple too hard and the wings dont bent out of the way. they also are a bit more heavy than a standard type flight, so my darts land tail down with robsons, when with normal flights and same stem setup they land the board tail up! if youre thinking about testing them out, i would suggest u do it, but dont expect anything and dont buy more than couple sets before you try them out.

Target Vision ultra: was my favorite at time! these are very durable and good flights even tho they dont feel any thicker or stronger than normal flights. they hold their shape very well! i deffinitely would recommend these both in no6 and no2 shapes! 5/5

XQMax standard MVG: good normal flight, will hold shape for a bit and are durable! nothing special tho.

Harrows cheaper models like hologram: dont seem to hold their shape and because of that i dont like them. they work and are just normal flights, but for me i dont like em.

Designa tartan: feels pretty rigid and sturdy. holds their shape pretty well and can take some banging, feels a bit better than amazon flights. good bang for buck for sure

some models i can say only a little bit:

winmau standard flights: a few sets ive used were very weak.. dont hold their shape at all. these are the cheaper standard winmau flights, they have also some thicker/stronger models, which i havent tried out.

Unicorn standard flights: the one set i got with some accessories for free, was very durable and strong set of flights. so i would quess for the most part they make good flights.

QUICK RECAP: Pentathlon, Target vision ultra and Harrows Supergrip flights are very strong and durable flights which will hold their shape very long and well. Amazon flights are good for affordable price range! One80 flights are the worst(my testing and opinion)

Share your thoughts! and please share your favorites, ill probably want to test them out! : )
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Nice reviews! I'm using standard amazon flights which i buy per 10 sets but I'll try some of these.
im glad you liked it! those 10 packs of amazon flights are deffinitely good value for money!
Best leg 501: 12 darts (180,180,29,112) 
Highest checkout: 164 (T19, T19, Bull)
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Ayup JP

Nice review, my flight of choice are Harrows Marathon.

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added opinions on designa tartan.
Designa tartan: feels pretty rigid and sturdy. holds their shape pretty well and can take some banging, feels a bit better than amazon flights. good bang for buck for sure
Best leg 501: 12 darts (180,180,29,112) 
Highest checkout: 164 (T19, T19, Bull)
Darts: Harrows Elite 24g
This is a good read for quick flight quality comparison. Well done.

I use AMERITHON flights but I believe that the company is no longer in operation and the flights are not being made anymore. Having said that, I saw that there was some for sale on ebay USA.

They are extremely strong and came in numerous designs.

I believe that they were the best flight on the market and they came in numerous shapes and sizes.

Has anyone else enjoyed using these flights?
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