Jelle Klaasen DNA darts
Hello everyone,

I purchased the Jelle Klaasen DNA darts in October 2018 after reading the review posted by Van Jupp.  Thank you by the way.

They were very well balanced and extremely nice to throw.  As this was my first set of darts in this style (normally I throw straight barrel darts), I wasn't expecting to like them so much and I immediately started using them as my match darts in my local dart league.

After only having 20 or so games with them, I had a bounce out throwing for a double, the dart fell to the carpeted floor and snapped clean in half at the machining area in the middle of the dart which happens to be the thinnest part of the dart.

A representative from Unicorn was gracious enough to send me a replacement set just last week.  There was some postal issues here in Canada which really slowed the delivery.  Finally got them just the other day and started using them again tonight.

Unbelievably, after throwing 6 games tonight, another bounce out and the new dart snapped again in the exact same spot.

I am now wondering if this is a weak design inherent with the machining being done in the centre of the dart.  I realize that the 97% tungsten is a bit more brittle but I have used 97% darts for 30+ years with a couple of other sets and never broke one (they are straight barreled).

Has anyone else experienced this breakage issue with these darts?   I really like them and want to continue using this style but I am not willing to put up with breakage all the time.  Maybe it's time to start looking at alternatives that are close in style.  I have tried both the  Taylor Gen 3s and 4s but I've never really got on with either one.  Any suggestions???


I'll post some pics of the breakage as soon as I find my camera.

I hope this works with the photo host

Original breakage October 2018
[Image: w8RdBgZXnuJ-QtFbQFsOw_sUu9V69rRuTeYssR5m...78-h637-no]

Replacement darts breakage January 2019
[Image: OxqrBNilX7rVCQLDabsBCHnhVFmuT11-muJGWYIS...50-h637-no]
Never seen or heard of this, but that’s crazy!! Do you have pictures?
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I would have seen this 4 or 5 times now on forums and social media with the new Klaasens. Maybe more. Definitely a design flaw, and as you mentioned the more brittle 97% wouldn’t help. Unicorn seem to be doing the right thing and replacing them though.
Hasnt happened to me personally (i don't even own them) but I've read up about this and you are definitely not the only person this has happened too.
Not sure why but I can't see the pics in the initial post on the pc although I can on the ipad, but seen this several times on facebook and also on here as well

My guess it's more to do with the tungsten percentage as opposed to the design, but Klaasen apparently wanted them like that - albeit I believe he now throws different arrows to these, so wouldn't surprise me if he has broken one or two as well.

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