bulge in new dart board
   I bought the Winmau Blade 5 dartboard about 4-5 months ago and today I noticed a bulge in the 20.  Sad  Is this considered normal over time?  Does Winmau offer any sort of warranty to protect against this?

Hi Whippet0,

I think 4/5 months (depending in how much you throw) is pretty normal for a board showing marks. You can allways turn the board around and adjust the ring with numbers so you got a "fresh" new 20's bed.

Don't think Winmau offers a warranty for spots on their boards, atleast not after 4/5 months.
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I had a section bulging out within a few weeks of buying my Blade 4, maybe about 1000 darts a day. With normal rotations, it hasn't occurred on any of the other beds, but it sure is an eyesore at a good half inch raised up from the surface.
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I would say that its defective, frankly I'm not a fan of dual core and wonder if its a means of using up the sisal wasteage during manufacture Big Grin

You will note from other members that this bulge problem is not an isolated instance with this board Angry .

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My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."

Presumably you have been rotating the board regularly? If not then that is probably why you have the bulge in the 20 if it's not happening in other segments.
Normal suspects for bulging are moisture, heat, or both. If the sisal fibres are exposed to moisture, they will swell and pull away from the backing.  The glue is water soluble, so this can cause an accumulative effect.  But I've had various brands develop swelling in humidity controlled areas, so exactly why is a bit of a mystery.

You might contact them and ask.  Take some pictures too.

I've only had 1 board EVER bulge on me
I've had 3 boards over the past 20 yrs.  And the only reason I changed my second board out was because I went from a Reg. Board to pract. board.  7-9yrs now.  Used Daily Sometimes ALLDAY

I keep my mancave 
when NOT in use rarely 62-65 degrees
When in use 66-69degrees
humidity 40% drives wife all the wall because of the electric bill and the dehumidier LOL

I've often heard rotate the Numbers.
I may have done that 1/2 times the problem with that
is You just move the problem you don't fix the problem

What I tend to do is when I start to see heavy wear I will take a bottle of water and MIST the board which tends to close up a lot of the holes.

I figure I still have another year or two before I see any real bulging if then.

I've been throwing darts sense my father brought our first HORSEHAIR dartboard home from Scotland in the 70's while in the U.S. Navy and a Shaving bag of dart sets you can fit a lot of dart sets in a shaving bag.  Big Grin My dartboard had a 1 yr hiatus when the sole remaining set of darts was stolen.  

NOW with all that said THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION  anybody who reads this.  You take your Dartboard and longevity and life of your friend and your boards life into your own hands I WILL NOT Take responsibility for YOUR ACTIONS.  This is just what I DO.  You do what you want.

as stated OPTIONAL OPINION.  Not a dartbible LOL


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Misting a sisal board with water is a risky move.  All manufacturers specifically advise against this.
Weather can play a part here in Canada too
Hi guys,

Lots of misinformation on this thread I'm afraid. Please take a read of this link as it may help:


With regards to the first post, I would say that 4-5 months play does not warrant the description of a 'new' dartboard. Of course it totally depends on how many darts have been thrown at it in that time.

All I can say is that Winmau have total control over the manufacture of our dartboards and they are constantly being tested to ensure that only the best quality leaves the factory. I have total confidence in that process. 

Best Regards,


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