Shot 9 Ti impressions
It appears the Shot 9Ti is a dart many have yet to try. My inquiry into their grip level went unanswered so I'll gladly post some of my impressions of them after throwing them for a few days.

First of all they look nothing like their pictures. At least those on DartsCorner. There, they have a distinct, light and dark or black and grey, pattern to the rings. In reality they have an overall matte grey appearance which I like more than their look in the pictures.

The grip itself is a bit deceiving. They have a wide ring separated by four small rings that are almost like a micro grip on steroids. Now I like very grippy darts and these seem, to me, to have a medium to medium high grip level. But also, maybe due to the nitride coating they feel kind of sticky. I was a bit afraid about how they would release from my hand. Surprisingly, and much to my delight, they release like a dream every time.

At 50mm they are shaped something like a bit shorter Fitton or Deller or slightly longer DPC Optimum dart. This is a shape I've wanted to try and I'm glad I finally have.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with these and they will give my, also new, Harrow Predators a serious battle for playing time. That a nice dilemma to have.

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Liberal heathen
These are on my (rather long Smile) list of darts to look at. Thanks for your first impressions and I would definitely like to hear more after you have thrown them for a little while.
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