2019 180 Goals/Count
Only 21 this month.

209/600 this year.
[Image: 23uwoi.jpg]
3 180's this month. 12/50 for the year.
Hit 2 in 1st league match last year and never hit another

2018 total ....144

2019 so far ...112

Inc 5 in one night practising with team ?
2017 ....180,s..........65
Three bulls ...............6
I've fallen into a funk lately, not sure how it started. Seemed to coincide with me starting to play pro darter/webcam darts. Averages plummeting. Breaking the cardinal rule and adopting peter wright-itis, switching darts and equipment. I started playing with short stems, moved to medium, and settled on tweenies for the last year or more. I tried shorts again a couple of weeks ago and felt good, so I decided to move back to them. Even put a bunch of short stems in my cart on DC getting ready to order. Things still not where they should be though and struggling to maintain a 60 average which is pathetic. I put a set of mediums in my case a couple weeks ago and I tried those today with my Carreras and suddenly my darts were flying very straight, the slowness was an adjustment though. But within no time, I suddenly hit a 180 and then in a game vs the computer I managed a new best leg of 11 darts, 140-140-140-81. Stick with the mediums for now I guess.
15 in June - 224/600.
Hit the 225th already - hopefully I'll get a reasonable amount this month.
[Image: 23uwoi.jpg]

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